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Sawan Somwar : How To Worship Lord Shiva On Monday – सावन सोमवार : 9 घंटे तक रखें उपवास और इस विधि से करें शिव जी की पूजा, भोलेनाथ की कृपा से करेंगे बम-बम

sawan somwar: Auspicious confluence of Sawan Somwar and Nag Panchami can remove all the troubles of your life.

August 5 is the third Monday of sawan month and Nag Panchami is also on this day. Auspicious confluence of Sawan somwar and Sawan Somwar can remove all the troubles in your life.

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Devotees keep a fast to please Lord Shiva on Monday. Worshiping Lord Shiva on this day brings blessings of Shiva. According to the scriptures, one should keep fast for three hours during the monsoon fast. One should keep fast for three hours (9 hours) after sunrise in all the fasts associated with Bholenath, not just on Monday.

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According to Skandpuran, to appease Bholenath, one should vow to have a meal on Monday. Goddess Parvati should be worshiped along with Lord Shiva on this day. Cannabis during the worship of Lord Shiva. Dhatura etc. must be offered. Apart from this, water must be offered to Lord Shiva on Sawan Monday.

It is believed that Goddess Parvati is also pleased with Lord Shiva and by her grace all the troubles are overcome.