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Shubh Muhurat , puja vidhi, importance and DO and Don’t

On the day of Bhai Dooj, the sisters apply tilak to their brother …

Bhai Dooj is a very beautiful festival depicting the beautiful bond of love between brother and sister. Which is celebrated twice a year. One after Diwali and the other after Holi. According to the Hindu calendar, the second date of the Krishna Paksha of Phalgun month is known as Bhai Dooj or Bhrata II. This year, this festival of Bhai Dooj will be celebrated on Tuesday, 30th March, the next day just after Holi.

Actually every year, the festival of Bhai Dooj takes place on the next day of Holi. Holi festival takes place on the Pratipada of Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month. This year, Holi Bhai Dooj is on Tuesday, 30 March.

On this day, the sisters tilak the brothers and wish them a happy and healthy life, while the brothers give gifts to their sisters and promise to protect them. Holi Bhai Dooj is a festival of love between sisters and brother.

On Bhai Dooj, sisters offer tilak to their brother and worship him for his long life and in return, the brother promises to protect his sister by giving her a gift throughout her life.

The significance of this festival of Bhai Dooj is that, on this day, where the sister wishes her brother for a long life, the brother always pledges to protect his sister. It is said that on the very next day of Holi, the sisters pray to your brother to tilak and free him from all the troubles and troubles from his life.

Holi bhai dooj auspicious time

Second date start – March 29, 2021 at 08:45 pm (night)
Second date ends – March 30, 2021 at 05:27 pm (evening)

Today’s Muhurta …
Abhijit Muhurta – 11:48 AM to 12:38 PM.
Vijay Muhurta – from 02:17 PM to 03:06 PM.
Twilight Muhurta from 06:12 PM to 06:36 PM.
Amrit Kaal from 06:41 AM to 08:06 AM.
Dwipushkar Yoga – 06:02 AM to 12:22 PM.

Holi Bhai Dooj Worship Method: What to do and what not to do …
On this day, sisters should retire from bathing etc. and wear clean clothes. After this, send a message to your brother for food. Welcome your brother on arrival. Then make them sit on a pedestal.

After this, apply tilak on their forehead and make their mouth sweet. Wish God a long, healthy and happy life. Take off their aarti and get them food of their choice. At the same time, brothers give gifts to their sister and pledge to protect them.

If you too are going to celebrate this beautiful festival of Bhai Dooj, then before that, know what work we should not do by mistake on Bhai Dooj, otherwise it may cause loss to the brothers.

: If you have a sister and you celebrate the festival of Bhai Dooj, then the brothers should never have food at their home, always eat this day only at their sister’s house.

However, if you are not in a position to visit your sister or have a meal with them, then try and have a meal on this day sitting near the cow. Also do not quarrel with your sister or brother at all.

: Do not mistakenly insult the food made by your sister on the day of Bhai Dooj. Otherwise, you can face all kinds of problems in life. Similarly, sisters should not disrespect the gifts given by their brother.

: Do not lie to your sister on the day of Bhai Dooj.

: On the day of Bhai Dooj, avoid consuming tamasic food i.e. meat and liquor etc. otherwise the God Yama becomes angry.

: On the day of Bhai Dooj, sisters who do tilak of their brothers should not eat anything before Tilak. After applying tilak, please feed your brother something sweet.

Religious importance of Holi Duj
Just as the day after Deepawali is celebrated by celebrating Bhai Dooj, the brother is wished for a long life and similarly on the second day after Holi the sisters celebrate Bhai Dooj by tilak.

According to the legend, on the day of Bhai Dooj, Yamraj visits his sister Yamuna every year at her house. He blessed Yamuna that on the day of Bhai Dooj, every brother who goes to his sister’s house, gets tilak and accept food, all his wishes will be fulfilled and he will never have fear of Yama.

It is believed that by doing this, brothers and sisters can be saved from all kinds of crises. It is also believed in the scriptures that tilak on the next day of Holi, one gets freedom from all kinds of disasters and brings happiness and prosperity in life.