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Shubh Yoga Timing 1st January 2021; Astrology Update | Today’s Shubh Yoga, Pushya Nakshatra Yog Today Timing, Start the New Year Off Right | सूर्य पूजा, दान और पेड़-पौधे लगाकर की जा सकती है नए साल की शुरुआत

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  • Shubh Yoga Timing 1st January 2021; Astrology Update | Today’s Shubh Yoga, Pushya Nakshatra Yog Today Timing, Start The New Year Off Right

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16 hours ago

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  • The first auspicious time of January 2021 will be on 1st and the last on 28th, this month there will be a total of 6 big Muhurta

On the occasion of New Year, amritasiddhi, gurupusya and Sarvaarthasiddhi yoga are being made. Which are considered very auspicious. According to Pandit Ganesh Mishra, the astrologer of Kashi, the work done in these auspicious yogas are complete and give auspicious results. Therefore, in these auspicious yogas, new year should be started by starting new works, donating and planting trees. On January 1, special positions of planets are also being formed. In which Moon, Mars and Saturn will be present in their own zodiac. Apart from these, the Sun is making auspicious coincidence with the friend planet Mercury in its zodiac sign. Many people will get benefit of such planetary positions.

The first auspicious month of the month on 1 and the last on 28
Pt. Mishra states that 1st January will be the first auspicious time of the month. This will be the first auspicious time of 2021 also. At the same time, the last auspicious time of this month will be on January 28. These days, on January 5, there will be Tripushkar Yoga. On the 6th, 19, 21, 25 and 28 January there will be Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga. Of these, 25 will also be Amritasiddhi Yoga. Along with this, there will be Gurupusya Yoga along with Amritasiddhi on 28 January. In this way, a total of 6 auspicious times will remain this month.

Start with the worship of Sun God
Paush month starts from 31 December. Sun is also worshiped in this month. This month holds special significance for the worship of Sun God. It is believed that if the regular Sun God is worshiped in the month of Paush, then the person lives a healthy and prosperous life throughout the year. At the same time, his fate shines like the sun. In such a situation, the New Year morning should start with the worship of Lord Surya.

Three special coincidences are being made

  • January 1, 2021 is the second date of Krishnapaksha of Pausha month. The Moon, Mars and Saturn are in their own zodiac at the beginning of the new year. While Surya is making Budhaditya yoga in his zodiac sign. This position of planets is very auspicious. You will get success in the work done in this auspicious coincidence.
  • Pushya Yoga is being formed on the very first day of the year. Pushya Nakshatra will be on 31 December evening from 7.49 am to 1 January sunrise. Due to this, on the last day of the year, Gurupusya and at the beginning of the new year, Shukrpushya Yoga is being formed. In this auspicious coincidence, there are benefits from buying, transacting and investing.
  • On the very first day of the new year, there will be amritasiddhi and Sarvaarthasiddhi yoga till sunrise. Apart from this, Sarvarthasiddhi Yoga is being formed again in the evening on 1 January. Sarvaarthasiddhi Yoga is considered quite good. Doing any work on this day gives very good results.