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shukra ka rashifal, venus in libra, shukra transit, shukra ka rashi parivartan | शुक्र ने तुला राशि में किया प्रवेश, 10 दिसंबर तक रहेगा इसी राशि में, सभी 12 राशियों पर होगा असर

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2 month ago

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  • People of Taurus sign should work with caution, people of Virgo sign can get money

Today, before sunrise on November 17, the planet Venus has changed from Virgo to Libra. Now Venus will remain in this zodiac till December 10, after which it will enter Scorpio. Venus is the lord of Libra. Know from Jyotishacharya Pt Manish Sharma of Ujjain how the effect of Venus changes on all 12 zodiac signs is going to happen…

Aries– Income time will be normal. The hard work done in the business can now come to a fruitful situation. There will be stability in the job.

Taurus– The position of Venus will not be good for this sign. Finished works can go wrong. Success will not be found in the work done correctly.

Gemini– This time is going to be best for you. Will move towards some great work. You will also get respect with success. There will be peace and happiness in married life.

Cancer– This time will be normal for you. The works will be completed on time, but the money gains will not be as expected. Avoid wasting time.

Lion– Your side will be heavy in disputes. There are chances of completion of any important work. You will get success and you will get happiness from children.

Virgo Wealth is becoming the sum of profit. All interruptions can end. Will improve your behavior. Will be successful in achieving the goal.

Libra- There may be some hurdles in the beginning of work, but time will gradually fix everything. Rashi lord Venus will eliminate problems.

Scorpio– Will face problems in important tasks. Avoid wasting money Mind will be towards spiritualism.

Sagittarius Your work may increase. Money will be received. Happiness will be found. Good news can be received from relatives. Stopped works will gain momentum.

Capricorn– The time to come will be auspicious. Happy days will be spent with the family. Income may increase. Disputes will end.

Aquarius– Problems facing your work can now be removed. Venus will help in doing new things. Will get a chance to be with family.

Pisces Obstacles may arise. Negativity can dominate you. One can be successful in completing tasks wisely.