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12 days ago

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  • One person asked the saint, ‘Why do people quarrel? The saint said to him, ‘I have not come to answer your useless questions, I have come to take alms’

Anger is such a bad habit, due to which tension can increase in relationships. That is why you should avoid anger. There is a popular folk tale about why a person gets angry …

According to the legend, in the olden times, a saint came to ask for alms. Seth was also religious in nature. He donated a bowl of rice to the saint. Seth told the saint that Guruji I want to ask you a question.

The saint said right ask, what do you want to ask? Seth asked, Guruji, I want to know why people fight and fight. The saint said that I have come here to take alms, did not come to answer your silly questions.

Seth got angry on hearing this from the mouth of the saint. He started thinking what kind of a saint he is, I donated it and he is giving me such an answer. Seth angrily told the saint very well. After some time Seth became calm, then the saint said that as soon as I told you something unpleasant, you got angry. You shouted at me in anger, in this situation if I too get angry with you then there is a fight between us.

The saint explained to Seth that anger is the root of every quarrel. If we do not become angry then there will be no debate. Anger does not improve work and worsens more. That is why one should try to control anger, then there is happiness and peace in life. One should always be patient.