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Somwar ka tarot rashifal, Monday horoscope, daily tarot rashifal, 28 december rashifal, Leo tarot rashifal | सिंह राशि के लोग सोमवार को भावनाओं पर काबू रखें, कन्या राशि के लोग यात्रा में सतर्क रहें

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2 days ago

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  • Know how the day of December 28 will be for your zodiac from tarot cards

According to Tarot Cards, the people of Aries will not be able to work on Monday, December 28. Leo people keep control over emotions. People of Virgo should be careful in traveling. According to tarot card reader Pranitha Deshmukh, know how it will be for all the 12 zodiac signs on Monday, December 28…


At the beginning of the day, due to lack of enthusiasm, no work will be done. However, through your efforts and working on concentration, you will be able to move forward. Anxiety may haunt you due to family related responsibilities. You will be guided by an elder brother or sister. Try to make good relations with mother.

Career : Confusion will increase in career related matters and if you delay more in decision making then the opportunities available can get out of your hands.

Love : Discuss this with the partner before making a family related decision.

Health : Indigestion and acidity can cause headaches.

Lucky color : Orange

Lucky number : 2


The enthusiasm for work will remain and due to increasing versatility in the mind it may be difficult for you to pay full attention to any one work. To solve any problem, you have to focus on one thing at a time. Different thoughts and ideas coming in the mind will cause instability.

Career : To achieve progress in the career of the youth, it will be necessary to work on one thing.

Love : Relationship related confusions can increase due to the behavior of the partner.

Health : Gas problems can cause problems.

Lucky color : White

Lucky number : 5


In the beginning of the day, there can be negativity in you due to some dispute between family members. Do not entangle yourself in the fights of others. You have to give priority to your work. You may also face mental distress from a friend.

Career : Do not increase the controversies with anyone in place of work.

Love : To eradicate the estrangement between the partners, a third person will need help.

Health : Consult a doctor to overcome stomach related problem.

Lucky color : Green

Lucky number : 6


Today, even though the situation will not be completely in your favor, it will be easy for you to solve difficult things through your hard work. Workload can increase on you. Leaving work and focusing on other things will cause problems for you.

Career : There will be a need to make career-related decisions in reality.

Love : There will be a need to change the thoughts towards ourselves, only then will you see improvement in the relationship.

Health : Blood related problems will start to go away.

Lucky color : Orange

Lucky number : 1


The effects of emotions will be more on you, due to which you may feel insured. Spend more time with people who feel emotional security. It can be a cause of sorrow for you to deny what you have said.

Career : Students will continue to worry about education.

Love : If you want to send someone a marriage related proposal, then it will be necessary for you to get more information about that person.

Health : Skin related allergies may be encountered.

Lucky color : Yellow

Lucky number : 2


Your travel decisions may change. You will get information related to any important work today which will be helpful for moving forward. You can get the fruits of your hard work today. If you want to make a big investment, then decide only after discussing it with someone.

Career : Attempts to change career are progressing.

Love : The efforts of unmarried people will get fame.

Health : Phlegm related problems can hurt.

Lucky color : Blue

Lucky number : 6


The youth will be more focused on earning money. If the family is part of the business then any business related decision should be made only after discussing with the elderly person or else due to money, there may be misunderstandings about you.

Career : The person of IT sector will see progress but will not get the desired financial benefit.

Love : You can gain fame by inspiration from partner.

Health : More attention will be required while driving.

Lucky color : Red

Lucky number : 3

Scorpio – THE HERMIT

Will need to get out of your comfort zone and increase reconciliation with new people. You can also get new opportunities by getting introduced to a new person. There will need to be positivity towards the situation.

Career : Stability in business related things will be felt. Nevertheless, there will be concern regarding money.

Love : The partner’s support will be needed to overcome mental problems.

Health : The elderly need to be more aware of their health.

Lucky color : Blue

Lucky number : 8

Sagittarius – ACE OF SWORDS

You can get some good news related to the work you were trying for a long time. You will feel stability in economic matters. Nevertheless, continue to try to overcome the money related problems.

Career : A person working abroad can get happy news related to work.

Love : Due to some career related decision, your partner may be angry with you.

Health : Health will be fine.

Lucky color : rose

Lucky number : 4


You have full awareness of your situation and know what to do to get out of the situation, you also know that you are afraid of just taking hard work and facing problems. Therefore, there will be no change in the situation.

Career : Work related interest will start to decrease, which can also affect the quality of work.

Love : You will face emotional discomfort due to the bond put on you by the partner.

Health : Do not ignore stomach related discomfort.

Lucky color : Orange

Lucky number : 7


Today most of the work will progress towards rapid progress, due to which you will get solution and also enthusiasm and confidence to start new work. You can get solution to any big family related problem.

Career : People associated with real estate will see a big benefit.

Love : Decisions related to marriage will proceed rapidly.

Health : Have to try to complete sleep.

Lucky color : White

Lucky number : 1


Because of openly discussing personal things, someone is taking advantage of your situation. Your friendly family and the people around you will need to be tested, because it is only through them that there is a possibility of big loss in your personal future.

Career : There will be a need to focus more on less related things.

Love : You may be financially hurt by the partner.

Health : The effect of headache and anxiety will remain on you.

Lucky color : Gray

Lucky number : 3