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Spirituality tips to become rich may be become billionaire

As such, there is no restriction in any religion to earn money. In such a situation, if you also want to become rich, then it is not a wrong thing. Just money should be taken with honesty and not to hurt anyone’s heart. Actually, even the knowledgeable people of religion say that earn money, earn a lot of money, earn so much that there is no room left to handle, just earn it by the proper way, because improper money reduces happiness and brings more sorrow and also increases your sin. Anyway, it is difficult to live without a man in today’s era.

In such a situation, every person wishes to know more and more ways of getting wealth. Because the importance of money has been in almost every era and time segment. Whether it is from the mythological period or the modern era, wealth has shown its importance in everyone’s life from the beginning.

Overall, without money, quite a few things are impossible. Everyone wishes for wealth and makes every effort to get it. In such a situation, today we are telling you some such measures of attainment of Lakshmi, in relation to which it is believed that with the help of these measures, a person will overcome the financial crisis in life and Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, will be pleased with her.

Simple ways to attain Lakshmi-

1. Mahalakshmi Puja:

In the way of attainment of Lakshmi, first of all, there is the law of worship of Goddess of wealth i.e. Mother Lakshmi. Because without Lakshmi ji’s grace it is impossible to wish for money. Worship Mahalakshmi on Friday. Light a lamp of sesame oil and ghee in front of the photo or idol of Goddess Lakshmi. By applying tilak of turmeric and kumkum, offer rose flowers to the mother and worship incense sticks. Offer sweets prepared with milk and jaggery. Wish Maa Lakshmi to keep your happiness, prosperity and grace in life.

2. Yantra Puja…
The importance of worshiping various instruments is also mentioned in the measure of wealth. Among these, the effect of Shri Yantra, Mahalaxmi Yantra, Dhan Varsha Yantra, Business Growth Yantra, Laxmi-Kubera Yantra is very positive. With the help of these instruments, a person’s financial condition is strengthened and happiness in life is attained. If you want, according to the ancient tradition, you can also worship them by making Sri Yantra, Tamra Patra, Silver Patra or Bhoj Patra in the north-east corner of the house and then getting them consecrated in it. Other instruments in relation to the measure of wealth are as follows-

: Navagraha yantra:

The geometrical instruments are called Navagraha Yantras which represent the nine planets like Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Guru, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. They are used to reduce the side effects of the planets and to get their positive results. Worshiping them gives them auspicious results and financial crisis ends.

: Mahalakshmi yantra:

This Yantra is established to worship Goddess Mahalakshmi. It is worshiped for positivity, peace, harmony and rain of wealth in the family. Its effects remove negativity. With this, the relationship of the couple is also strong.

: Shri Yantra:

Shri Yantra enhances the feeling of wealth, pleasure, peace. Helps in getting the blessings of Goddess Mahalakshmi. Increases auspicious effects in life. Financially strong. Maintains love in married life. Paves the way for faith and devotion in life. Provides happiness, peace and joy.

3. Worship of Kubera Dev-
Kubera, the king of the Yakshas, ​​is considered the suzerain of wealth. He is also the only owner of all the wealth of the earth. By their grace, they become the sum of wealth. You can also get the blessings of Kubera Maharaj by worshiping the lord of wealth and performing mantras. Worshiping Kubera Maharaj with Goddess Mahalakshmi brings financial benefits in life. Therefore, installation and worship of Kubera Yantra is also a good way to get wealth.

4. Srisukta Text –
The Sri Suktam text has great significance with regard to the attainment of Lakshmi. In the Rigveda, Mangalakari mantras of Shri Sukta have been mentioned for worshiping Goddess Lakshmi. While worshiping Maa Lakshmi on Friday, recite the Srisukta Mantra or you can recite this Mantra while doing Havan. Goddess Lakshmi is pleased with the Srisukta text and removes poverty and provides happiness and prosperity.

Chanting of hymns and verses-
The pronunciation of hymns and verses provides auspicious results related to happiness, prosperity, prosperity and growth. You can recite the following hymn …
– Mahalakshmi Ashtakam:

Chant Mahalakshmi Ashtakam daily. By doing this money is obtained. Along with this, it protects us from opponents and washes away sins. Apart from this, its chanting also brings peace to the mind.

– Mahalakshmi Kavach:

Apart from financial prosperity, chanting of this hymn gives healthy and longevity.

– Kanakadhara Stotra:

Reciting Kanakadhara Stotra for immense wealth and wealth accumulation gives miraculous benefits.

– Narayan Kavach:

Narayan Kavach is mentioned in the sixth skanda of the eighth chapter of the Bhagavad Purana. This powerful mantra is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. To keep happiness, peace and prosperity at home, chant this mantra every morning. By chanting it, the effect of positivity in life increases and this armor also protects us. Mother Lakshmi also gets pleased with this chanting of Narayan ji and showers her grace on us.

– Lingashtakam:

Lord Shiva’s blessings are obtained by chanting Lingaashtakam. By its grace, Ashta means eight kinds of poor, and gives extremely good fruit. These mantras are as follows-
Ashtadaloparishvishit Linga, Sarvasamudvabhakarana Lingam.
Ashtadiridhinash Lingam, Tatpranamami Sadashiva Lingam
meaning Sadasiva-linga, recognized in all the eight parties and destroying all eight kinds of poverty, is the ultimate reason for creation of all kinds – you salute Sadasiva-linga.

Some special ways to get money:
According to Vedic astrology, the second house, the eighth house and the eleventh house are related to money. Strengthening them leads to a flow of positivity in life. The planet Guru is also called Dhanakaaraka. By adopting astrological remedies, you can get beneficial fruits of Guru planet like wealth and wealth. Mantra should be chanted to make Guru planet powerful.

Mantra of wealth:
Devananda Rishinancha Guru Kanchanasannibham. Budhibhutam trilokesham namami brihaspatiam ..
ॐ Grand Green Grass: Gurve Namah. Hr Gurve Namah Bri Brihaspataye Namah.

On the other hand, Venus is a symbol of material pleasures and luxuries. Its grace also provides a grand lifestyle. Chant this mantra to make Venus powerful.
Himkundamrinalabham Daityyanam Paraman Gurum. Sarvashastra Pravaktaran Bhargavan Pranamamayam.
ॐ Dranda Dravandas: Shukraay Namah. Hr Shukraay Namah. Shun Shukraay Namah.
In addition remedial measures can be adopted to reduce the faulty effects of Saturn and Rahu and the obstacles that come in the way of happiness.

Money tricks:
There are many ways to get money in Feng Shui. According to Feng Shui, the south-eastern direction represents wealth and this direction is called the “corner of wealth”. This direction is called small wood and green color represents it. In this direction, more and more use of green things increases the wealth of our life. The economic situation gets stronger and a grand lifestyle is attained.

Vaastu Shastra also mentions measures to attain Lakshmi. According to Vastu, the northern direction represents the place of Lord Kubera, the god of wealth. By making this direction effective, the financial condition is strengthened and you get pleasure of happiness. We can keep the necessary documents related to money, jewelry and property in this corner. Well, in this direction, keeping Kubera Yantra or idol of Goddess Lakshmi and Kubera Dev is also beneficial.

Other ways to get money:

– Avoid Home Tribulation
Lakshmi does not have grace in the house where the fight takes place often, so make sure that there is no fight in your house. Along with this, always give respect to the women of the house because the woman is considered as the form of Goddess. In a house where a woman is not respected, Lakshmi does not live.

– Do not eat shoes
Do not take a dog food, because eating someone’s shoes can bring some part of his poverty to you, so do not eat anyone’s shoes to keep himself rich.

– Tulsi plant
The Tulsi plant has great importance in Hinduism. Plant a basil plant in the house and light a lamp of ghee near it every evening, by doing so, the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi will come. By the way, for the abode of immovable Lakshmi, keep the basil plant in the north-east direction.

– Do pooja daily
After getting up early in the morning and taking bath, etc., Lakshmi resides in the houses of worship. Along with this, God should eat food only after offering it.

– special room for worship
Always have a separate room for worshiping God, as well as take special care of his purity. Be completely pure before worshiping. Worship your favorite deity / goddess every day.

– Take special care of cleanliness
To have Lakshmi in the house, it is necessary to keep cleanliness. As soon as you wake up in the morning, sweep the entire house and kitchen, then do some work in the kitchen. To sweep in the evening means to remove Lakshmi from the house, in such a situation, do not apply broom in the house after evening. Do not leave the utensils in the kitchen at night and sleep only after cleaning the kitchen. Do not collect junk etc. in the house.

– Charity
Make a part of what you earn in philanthropic and religious work. Do not make money by deceit or deception. Do not keep an eye on foreign money and do not keep anyone’s free stuff or else you will have to repay his loan tomorrow. Always keep the place where the money is kept clean and place a red cloth over it.

– Do not drain water
Use only the water you need. Do not allow the water to flow unintentionally as the running water indicates the flow of money from the house. Also, do not keep pictures of running water in the house. Also, do not allow the used water to be stored somewhere in the house.

– Appreciate the food
Apart from wealth, there is another form of Mata Lakshmi, food. Leaving or throwing away the food plate is disrespectful to Lakshmi, so never do it. Also, the leftover food should never be discarded. Instead of throwing away food, if you feed a needy, then his blessings will be felt and the grace of Goddess Lakshmi will also remain intact on you.

– take the initiative yourself
One way to get wealth is to not just rely on luck. Make yourself skilled in any task to increase your source of income. Because even God only helps those who help themselves. Therefore, keeping in mind your ability, you should choose your career and work hard.