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story of mahatma gandhi about life management, aaj ka jeevan mantra by pandit vijayshankar mehta, life management tips by vijayshankar mehta | खेल हो या शत्रुता, कभी भी सामने वाले की कमजोरी को हथियार नहीं बनाना चाहिए

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21 days agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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  • Gandhiji was playing badminton with a woman, the woman’s right hand was hurt, then Gandhiji also started playing with the left hand.

story- Mahatma Gandhi used to pay very close attention to the small things of all the people living around him. He used to play badminton very little but, a woman requested him that I also know how to play badminton and you also play a little bit. The rest I will teach you.

Gandhiji agreed to play badminton with the woman. They both stood on either side of the net. But Gandhiji noticed that the woman’s right hand was hurt and that bandage was tied. Because of this she was playing by holding the racket in her left hand.

Gandhiji also started playing with a racket in his left hand. Then the lady said, Bapu, I am hurting because of an injury to my straight, so I am playing with the opposite hand. But, why are you playing with the opposite hand? ‘

Gandhiji said, ‘You are weak at the moment that you are not able to use the straight hand. I do not want to take advantage of this. Win and lose in the game has its place. If I play with a straight hand it is likely that I will win. But, if you want to face someone, you should do it with equality.

Learning Be it friendship or enmity, there should be equality. Avoid taking advantage of the weakness of others. Because, we may have to face the same weakness.