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Success is not achieved by changing the path again and again, significance of patience, we should have patience in life, buddha story in hindi | बार-बार रास्ता बदलने से नहीं मिलती है कामयाबी, लक्ष्य बड़ा है तो धैर्य के साथ सही दिशा में आगे बढ़ें

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  • Success Is Not Achieved By Changing The Path Again And Again, Significance Of Patience, We Should Have Patience In Life, Buddha Story In Hindi

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25 days ago

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  • Many pits were carved in a field outside a village, the disciples asked Gautam Buddha the secret of these pits

Those who do not work patiently, their troubles increase and they are not able to succeed in any work. If you want to complete the goal, it is very important to be patient. In this connection, an inspiring story of Gautam Buddha is prevalent…

Gautama Buddha used to travel from one place to another with his disciples. During this time, he also preached to keep peace and happiness in life from the events happening around. One day he was traveling with his disciples.

On the way there were many pits dug in a field. All the disciples were surprised to see so many pits in the same field. No one could understand why someone had dug so many pits together.

The disciples asked the Buddha, ‘Please tell Tathagata, what is the secret of so many pits in one field?’

Buddha said, ‘The owner of this field has dug so many pits while searching for water. He was digging the well, but he lacked patience. After digging a small pit, there was no water, so he started digging another pit. If there is no water in the second, then the third pit is dug. In the same way, he dug pits everywhere in the field. If he kept digging the pit at the same place with patience, he would have got water.

Story lessons

People who lack patience, those people are always upset. Work does not improve in a hurry, but it worsens. That is why one should always be patient.