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sunday, 21 February rashifal, ravivar ka rashifal, mesh and mithun rashi, Aries rashifal, Gemini horoscope, | रविवार को मेष राशि को मिल सकता है लाभ, मिथुन राशि के लोग काम शुरू करने से पहले योजना जरूर बनाएं

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The Gupta Navratri of the month of Magh will end on Sunday, 21 February. Being a Mrigashira Nakshatra on Sunday is making an auspicious name for Saumya. In this yoga, worship and new work can be started. The Moon will remain in Taurus. In the yoga of Sunday and Navami date of Gupta Navratri, do special worship of Sun God and Mother Goddess. Know from Astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, how can the day of Sunday, February 21 be for all the 12 zodiac signs?


Positive– The economic situation will be better. You will be able to achieve any special achievement by your ability and talent. It would be beneficial for you to follow the advice and guidance of father or father-like person.

Negative– Sometimes due to your ego, the work being done can also go wrong. Disputes with a close friend can also be formed. Keep your nature comfortable.

The business– Due to family busyness you will not be able to devote much time to your work area. However, the support and arrangement of your staff will remain appropriate. Employment people may have to do office work even today at home.

Love– There will be a program to make shopping related to the convenience of the house and after spending time with the family, everyone will feel refreshed.

Health– There may be complaint of body ache due to muscle strain. Do exercise and yoga.

Lucky color– White

Lucky color– 8


Positive– There is every possibility of a work being stopped for a long time. So keep trying. After noon the planetary position is very favorable. You may get some kind of benefit from a senior family member.

Negative– Excess of expenses will remain. But, there will also be no problem with getting the means of income. Do not mingle with strangers. Try to take all the decisions yourself.

The businessToday, it will be appropriate to suspend external activities and marketing related activities. There may be a disagreement with an employee. It would be better to get all the activities and work in the field done under your supervision.

Love– It will be better for you to seek the advice of spouse and family in any of your work. There will be sweetness even in love relationships.

Health– Stomach pain and gas problems may be felt. Avoid consumption of senior and superior things.

Lucky color– Cream

Lucky number– 3


PositiveBefore starting any task, plan and outline it, then start the work. Success in any type of property related work is certain. Take more care in increasing public relations.

Negative– There can be some tension in the family due to the intervention of a relative. It is better not to pay attention to what others say. Helping children in their problems and spending time with them will boost their confidence.

The businessIn every business in business, do the transaction only with a firm bill, because there is a possibility of getting cheated by someone. Positive results will be achieved in public dealing.

Love– Marital life will be happy. To maintain sweetness in love relationships, it is necessary to respect each other’s feelings.

Health– Due to change in weather, physical energy will decrease and fatigue will be felt. It is important to take care of yourself and keep the routine in order.

Lucky color– Purple

Lucky number– 5


Positive– Try to complete every task in a practical way. A temperament like more emotion and generosity can be harmful for you. After a long time, all the members will feel very happy by having a get-to-gether with close relatives.

Negative– Due to any hindrance related to the career of the child, the mind will be upset. It is very important to maintain the morale of children at this time. Keep in mind that you can do your loss only because of your insistence.

The businessAt this time, you will get great success in work related to family business. But, do not take any new decision today. In personal business, hard work will be more like profit less. But, taking stress is not the solution.

Love– There may be some hiccups between the husband and wife regarding the family system. Try to handle situations by mutual harmony.

Health– Problems of stretch and pain in nerves will remain. It is very important to focus on exercise and yoga.

Lucky color– White

Lucky number– 3


Positive– Spending some time in religious and spiritual activities will give you relief from everyday stress. Today you can get success in any matter related to property. And you will get into some new planning system with a new confidence.

Negative– It is also important to be very careful while doing any paper related work. Your slight negligence can cause a lot of damage. It is up to you to maintain a good relationship with the brothers.

The business– At this time planetary position is creating the appropriate time for you. Therefore, be confident and devoted to your work. However, there is a need to be very careful in partnership related business. Do not let misunderstandings arise in mutual relations.

Love– Emotional relationship between husband and wife will be sweet. But, it is very important to keep your love affairs restrained.

Health– Health will remain good. But you must protect yourself from the present circumstances.

Lucky color– Saffron

Lucky number– 8


PositiveToday, any career-related effort of youth is very likely to be successful. You will be able to complete all the work in a very simple and good way. There will be proper coordination of income and expenditure. Time will be spent laughing.

Negative– Keep in mind that there may be cheating in connection with a purchase. There will also be an excess of expenditure in waste works. Don’t let laziness dominate you, because of this you can miss many important works.

The business– There is a possibility of a best deal in the property related business. Business efforts of youth will be successful. But do not disclose your investment related plans to anyone.

Love– Sweetness will remain in married happiness. Emotional closeness will also increase in love relationships.

Health– Health will remain good. Your proper routines and food will keep you healthy and energetic.

Lucky color– White

Lucky number– 8


Positive– You will be able to solve any family matter with your understanding and understanding. Instead of paying attention to others, believe in your work capacity. You will feel heartfelt happiness by helping him in the trouble of a close relative.

Negative– Sudden arrival of guests at home can make your routine somewhat messy. But, don’t be irritable in nature. In any problem, the advice of the senior person of the house will be helpful for you.

The business– Keep your focus on media related activities. Today you can get some good information. But, do not try to bring any kind of change in the field, the conditions are not favorable for this work right now.

Love– Close relations will increase in husband-wife relationship. Time is right to propose your love partner for marriage.

Health– Due to gas and indigestion, there will be a state of lethargy and fatigue in the body. Keep food balanced.

Lucky color– Blue

Lucky number– 7


Positive– You will spend a fair amount of time in your personal tasks. Because of which the mind will be relaxed. You will also have a respectable position in the social sector. Students will get appropriate results in activities related to their studies.

Negative– There can be concern about the health of any member of the household. A situation like debates arising from a close relative is also being created. Keep patience and patience in your nature.

The business– Business activities will be better. Time is not favorable for starting any new work. Sources of current business benefits will increase. You can get a big contract with the help of an influential person.

Love– To keep the family environment proper, it is important to control your core and anger. It would be better to make an entertainment related program with the family.

Health– There is a possibility of injury by vehicle or falling. Extreme caution is needed.

Lucky color– Cream

Lucky number– 1


Positive– By the advice and support of an experienced person, you will be able to enhance your image socially. At this time planetary transit is very favorable for you. Your relationships with close relatives will increase more sweetness.

NegativeIt is very important to pay attention to your home family along with other tasks. Do not put more control on children and keep cooperative behavior. Avoid taking any important decision.

The business– Support of an experienced and senior person will be beneficial for your field. If you are planning to start a new task, then execute it immediately. It is important to keep your functioning secret.

Love– There will be a peaceful atmosphere in the house and you will have a special role in maintaining discipline. Married relationship can also come for the unmarried.

Health– Sometimes negative thoughts may arise due to some problem. Which will also affect your work capacity. So be careful.

Lucky color– Green

Lucky number– 3


PositiveIf there is a plan for relocation, then there is a favorable time for it to flourish. You will also get some good news related to your child’s career. There may also be a religious visit.

Negative– Do not waste your time in vain wandering and having fun, due to this, many of your important work can also be stopped. It is advisable to keep patience and peace in the event of a debate with a dear person.

The business– Business activities will remain normal. It is necessary to rethink thinking before starting any new work. It would be better to keep your focus on what is currently going on.

Love– Sweetness will remain in married life. The youth’s love relations will be deepened.

Health– Health will be fine. However, it is also necessary to take rest to avoid stress and fatigue.

Lucky color– Yellow

Lucky number– 1


Positive– Stress will be relieved by suddenly getting back any stalled or loaned money. You will also be interested in spiritual and religious works to make some changes in your routine. You will feel positive energy inside yourself.

Negative– Do not plan to invest money anywhere today, because a harmful situation is being created. Do not socialize too much, focus on your work. There will be some sadness in the mind of the students not getting proper results related to their studies.

The business– Do the paperwork while doing any work or money related transactions. Otherwise, it can become a legal issue. The business associated with the partnership remains profitable. Postpone future plans today.

Love– Do not let your business troubles dominate family life. Because, it will also have an effect on the peaceful peace of home.

Health– Female class needs to be specially conscious about their health. However, a little caution will keep you healthy.

Lucky color– Saffron

Lucky number– 9


Positive– The ongoing misunderstanding with a close friend or relative will be removed and the relationship will come back sweet. Your positive attitude will solve many of your problems. Some time will also be spent at any religious place.

NegativeSometimes your skeptical nature creates problems for both you and your family. Do not waste any kind of money, otherwise the financial situation may worsen. Be sure to consult an experienced person in case of confusion.

The business– Do not share any business related activities and activities with others, you may suffer loss. Today, positive results will come in property related business. Avoid taking excessive loans or loans.

Love– Happy time will be spent in entertainment and fun with family members. There will be more closeness in love affairs also.

Health– There will be minor problems like allergies and colds, but do not be careless and seek treatment immediately.

Lucky color– Purple

Lucky number– 9