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tarot rashifal 5 november, aaj ka rashifal, guruwar ka rashifal, Aries and Gemini rashifal, Thursday tarot rashifal | गुरुवार को मेष और मिथुन राशि के लिए सकारात्मक रहेगा दिन, वृष राशि के लोगों को करनी होगी कड़ी मेहनत

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2 month ago

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  • From Aries to Pisces, how will the day of November 5 for all the 12 zodiac signs according to tarot cards

According to Tarot Cards on Thursday, November 5, some people may have success, while some people will have to work hard. On this day, the day will be positive for Aries and Gemini, people of Taurus will have to work hard. Know Tarot Card Reader Pranitha Deshmukh from Aries to Pisces, how will be the day of November 5 for all people…


At the beginning of the day, enthusiasm will remain because of success. The courageous decision you have taken will be helpful for you to progress in the near future. The effort to make the future of children bright will be successful. The success that young people are getting in teaching can provide new opportunities. There will be sudden arrival of new opportunities which will give rise.

Career: Jobbers can get promotion.

Love: Because of the partner, there will be a happy atmosphere in the house.

Health: Sugar related problems will start to reduce.

Lucky color: Brown

Lucky number: 2


With more effort, you will be able to beat the situation and move forward. Due to the end of the money related problem, work will take place. Ongoing disputes with the elderly will be less. Individuals associated with Rajakaran will progress in their field of work. The need to increase public relations among the youth.

Career: Do not let the people of the medical field pursue the ongoing debate.

Love: Distances will disappear because of expressing your feelings properly.

Health: Will feel mentally and physically fit.

Lucky Color: Green

Lucky number: 5

Gemini – ACE OF CUPS

Due to the positive energy around you, your thoughts and mood will also change. Staying away from old things and positive communication with yourself can change your situation. If you are waiting for an answer from someone, then don’t worry too much about that.

Career: People associated with yoga and spirituality will be able to make their work available to more people through the training center.

Love: It will be easy for you to stay away from negative things due to partner’s cooperation.

Health: Due to lack of water in the body, headaches can be painful.

Lucky color: rose

Lucky number: 3

Cancer – TWO OF CUPS

Think more carefully and think carefully about the subject on which you expect to progress, you will definitely find the path. Thinking goals will give you expected results, so it will be your responsibility today to keep your thinking positive.

Career: Will write a change in the economic situation due to the opportunity of work.

Love: Forget the old things related to love life, be ready to add a new relationship.

Health: The change in lifestyle will also show a change in physical condition.

Lucky color: Blue

Lucky number: 4


The harsh words uttered by the mother can hurt you and also bring a feeling of loneliness. Instead of answering bitter words with bitter words, try to understand about the situation. Increasing stress with the family will make you depressed. The work that can be done due to dominating you can also deteriorate.

Career: Economic difficulties may arise at the beginning of new business.

Love: It can be difficult for you to strike a balance between family and partner.

Health: To recover physical health, it will be necessary to take bed rest.

Lucky color: Yellow

Lucky number : 1


It will be important for you to do work with concentration today. You may face stress in the afternoon because of the important decision-making responsibility. But you will be able to fulfill your responsibility properly. Getting help from someone can be useful for you.

Career: The target to complete the work will increase the stress.

Love: Your ego may hurt the partner.

Health: Kidney related problems may occur.

Lucky color: Red

Lucky number :8


Not getting support from others in important work can affect confidence. But your confidence will increase with time. Do not give up on small things. There will be a sudden meeting with an old friend who can be helpful to overcome your problem. Take decisions related to money only after observing your situation.

Career: Students will be easy to get scholarship.

Love: Problems related to the relationship will start being solved.

Health : Due to working in one place for a long time, the body may feel tight.

Lucky color: Yellow

Lucky number: 8


It can be beneficial for you to invest money in business. Starting a new work in the name of a woman will benefit more. To maintain our dignity in home and society, you will need to remain firm on what is said and follow the promise given. It can be difficult for everyone to agree on a family decision.

Career: It will be easier for you to earn more money with less work.

Love: Due to the dispute between husband and wife, the conversation can be stopped.

Health: Ear related problems will hurt.

Lucky color : Die

Lucky number: 9


Your efforts to build a good relationship with the family will succeed. Family members will be connected to each other keeping away old litigation disputes. The decision taken by the family will not be easily accepted by the family. The need for the elders of the family to leave their lives and adopt new ideas.

Career: Partnership will benefit in business.

Love: Spouses can get happiness through children.

Health: There will be a decrease in enthusiasm due to health related minor problems.

Lucky color: Brown

Lucky number : 2


One has to change himself by looking at the mistakes of others. Criticism from close people can increase your anger. Do not waste time in observing the words of others. Some decisions may be against your mind instead of work. Which can worsen relations with colleagues.

Career: Get out of your comfort zone and learn to face new things.

Love: Due to the partner, there can be debates with the family.

Health: Fear of head injury.

Lucky color: White

Lucky number: 9

कुंभ – Four of swords

Today you will need to take care of yourself by being more aware about health. The impact of increased stress and chronic disease can be more on you today. Therefore, if there is a slight change in health, seek medical advice immediately.

Career: Work related stress will be high in the beginning of the day.

Love: Despite much efforts, it can be difficult to marry a person irrespective of mind.

Health: There will be discomfort related to stomach and head.

Lucky color: rose

Lucky number: 3


Confusion and thoughts going on in the mind will begin to unravel. Which will be helpful for you to take your decision in a worthy direction. Awareness will be made about the mistakes made in the past. Trying to get out of business losses will give success gradually.

Career: In the business of partnership, you can be implicated by the partner in terms of money.

Love: Do not help your partner more than you can.

Health: There may be gas related discomfort.

Lucky color : Green

Lucky number: 1

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