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tarot rashifal for 7 february, Sunday horoscope, ravivar ka rashifal, aaj ka rashifal, daily horoscope | 7 फरवरी को मेष राशि के लोगों को नए अवसर मिल सकते हैं, मिथुन राशि के लोगों की चिंताएं बढ़ सकती है

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  • From Aries to Pisces, how can Sunday be a holiday for all 12 zodiac signs

According to Tarot Cards, people of Aries can get new opportunities on Sunday, February 7. The concerns of Gemini people can increase. According to Tarot reader Pranitha Deshmukh, know how the day of Sunday can be for all 12 zodiac signs…


Those who want to make changes in personal life will get new opportunities. There will be happiness in matters related to the family. Due to the improvement in health of a close person, the anxiety on your mind will start to reduce. Today, your inclination towards spiritual things can increase.

Career : Those who want to change jobs, they can get opportunities with the help of friends.

Love : Suddenly positive changes will start in life.

Health : Try to remove blood related problems.

Lucky color : rose

Lucky number : 3

Taurus – THE FOOL

The result of your temperamental nature can be seen on your personal matters. Worrying over everything or not worrying at all is creating an imbalance in your life. Therefore, efforts should be made to increase life and bring stability.

Career : Discussion of things related to work may be the reason for your loss.

Love : There will be positivity in love relationships.

Health : Changes in lifestyle to remove physical discomfort.

Lucky color : White

Lucky number : 2


The day may be spent in anxiety due to someone in the family. The whole family will have to face the financial loss due to the decision of others, which can be tried by you. But, do not take responsibility for the wrong decision of others entirely.

Career : Decide on business related matters after noon.

Love : You and your partner will be able to understand some things without dialogue.

Health : There may be discomfort related to stomach and waist.

Lucky color : Red

Lucky number : 4


To change the situation, you will also need to change the attitude towards the situation. You are only getting lost in thoughts, due to which you are finding it difficult to balance the things related to the present. Try to work on the same thing by thinking on one thing at a time.

Career : Support and guidance will be received by a friend in matters related to work.

Love : To see the change in love life, you must also change your thoughts.

Health : There will be stability in matters related to health.

Lucky color : Blue

Lucky number : 2


If you are planning a trip, you will need to take special care of the health of the children. Keep important documents or valuables. Be careful while traveling. Some people may get stolen items back again.

Career : If you want to expand things related to work abroad, then this is the right time.

Love : You will get full support of partner and family in your decision. But, it will be your responsibility to maintain transparency with them.

Health : There may be discomfort like colds and colds.

Lucky color : Purple

Lucky number : 3


You will see less enthusiasm in things related to work and in personal life. With little progress, you are reducing your efforts because of the solution you get. Because of which there is a possibility of loss in future. So slowly, but keep working.

Career : Getting stability in the job will also give solution to the mind and because of not getting a new job, there can also be fickleness.

Love : What are your expectations from the relationship? This will need to be understood.

Health : Try to bring the increasing weight under control.

Lucky color : Yellow

Lucky number : 8


You are taking full advantage of the opportunity you are getting, but whether it is suitable for your goal or not, it has to be tried. People everywhere are happy on you because of taking responsibilities on their own, but keep in mind that you are ignoring your personal life because of it.

Career : Merchants may receive large orders.

Love : Through your guidance, you will be able to provide a solution to the partner’s problem.

Health : May increase waist-related discomfort.

Lucky color : Yellow

Lucky number : 1


You can spend most of the day today solving other things. By which mental solution will be obtained, but negligence in personal life can be harmful. Do not try to help anyone in matters related to money or money. Because, it can have a negative effect on you.

Career : Progress will be seen in the work related to agriculture and property.

Love : The guidance of the female partner will be very appropriate.

Health : Skin related disorders will start to decrease.

Lucky color : Red

Lucky number : 9

Sagittarius – WHEEL OF FORTUNE

Things which had been showing stability for a long time, will suddenly see a positive change. However, due to low self-confidence, you will not be able to work to the best of your ability. Therefore, there will be a great need to maintain confidence in ourselves. Money related things will start to be resolved.

Career : The new responsibilities related to work will increase your knowledge.

Love : Just thinking about personal life is negatively impacting the relationship.

Health : There will be a need to do yoga exercises to remove back and back related problems.

Lucky color : Orange

Lucky number : 8


Fun-filled lifestyle will attract you, due to which it can be difficult to fulfill responsibilities. For those who distract you from the goal, your attitude will need to change.

Career : The target placed in the work related things will be fulfilled.

Love : You will get pleasure because of the sweetness in love affairs.

Health : Consult a doctor to remove hair and skin problems.

Lucky color : Yellow

Lucky number : 3


You have to face the circumstances even if you do not want to. Especially when things are related to the family. Others can cause problems in your work. Therefore, discuss important things with close people only.

Career : Those who want to increase trade, they will get guidance.

Love : Misunderstanding between you and the partner can increase due to misinterpretation of what you have spoken.

Health : There will be trouble related to the throat.

Lucky color : Die

Lucky number : 6


What is the result of your decision on your family and the expectations they have placed for you? This has to be understood, because of you, some family members may face problems. One has to be more responsible about personal life.

Career : News related to higher education can be found.

Love : Marriage will be fine.

Health : Solution to the problem related to hair can be obtained.

Lucky color : Red

Lucky number : 5