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tarot rashifal for 7th march, ravivar ka taro rashifal, sunday horoscope in hindi, aaj ka taro rashifal | रविवार को सिंह राशि के लोग परिवार में शांति से काम लें, तुला राशि के लोग नकारात्मकता से बचें

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  • According to tarot cards, know how March 7 will be for all 12 zodiac signs

According to Tarot Cards, people of Aries should avoid debate on Sunday, March 7. Maintain peace in Leo’s family. The people of the house may get angry. People of Libra should avoid negative thoughts. Know from tarot card reader Pranitha Deshmukh how Sunday, March 7 can be the day for all the 12 zodiac signs.


Today is the right day to move forward by erasing the controversies of old. Discussing which subject you had been avoiding for a long time. Talking about that subject will give you a solution to the problem immediately. Relationships will start to improve in husband and wife. Misconceptions made towards you will start to clear.

Career : Due to the availability of a new contract related to work, the economic situation will improve.

Love : Due to the commitment of those who are in the relationship, things related to marriage will be taken more seriously.

Health : Increased heat in the body may cause discomfort.

Lucky Color : Blue

Lucky number : 2


You have to learn to handle your responsibility properly. You can harm yourself because of your irresponsible behavior. Due to which there will be a rift in personal relationships, but there is a possibility of loss related to money. One has to be cautious while dealing with an acquaintance.

Career : In work related things, your work will be given more attention, due to which some people may find you self-centered.

Love : Only giving importance to one’s own needs in the relationship will be a cause of discomfort for the partner.

Health : Health will be fine

Lucky Color : Yellow

Lucky number : 5


You may regret because of not taking full advantage of the opportunity you have and spending time in stupid things. Due to which you can also lose the self-confidence built on you. Do not think too much about the things that have gone out of your hands. Learning from the mistakes you make will need to be taken forward.

Career : Due to lack of enthusiasm in work related things, you will not be able to work according to your ability.

Love : Staying away from your partner can create loneliness in you.

Health : There will be a problem of neck and headache.

Lucky Color : Red

Lucky number : 9


Get out of the realm of your thoughts and pay more attention to the positive events happening in the world. To increase your confidence, the things that keep you scared. Such things will have to be faced. Spending time with people younger than you will give you a new perspective. Also, can bring positive energy.

Career : You will be successful in making all kinds of work related plans a reality.

Love : Know your partner’s state of mind and talk about your problem.

Health : Physical exercise will need to be a part of your lifestyle.

Lucky Color : Yellow

Lucky number : 8


The curiosity to get new knowledge about every subject will awaken in you. Children will expect your support. Planning will be done by you to enhance the family’s lifestyle. But, only you are observing the situation from your own perspective. Due to which the decision taken by you may face resentment of the family members.

Career : While giving career-related guidance to the children of the family, keep in mind also what they are interested in.

Love : Do not escalate the dispute disputes with the partner.

Health : Indigestion-related discomfort may occur.

Lucky Color : Green

Lucky number : 1


The new work will start in a positive way. Time spent in solitude will make you happy. You can try to spend more time with family. Due to any happy news related to work, there will be an atmosphere of joy in the family.

Career : Those who want to get a new job, they will get the job soon as per their expectation.

Love : Decisions related to marriage may proceed.

Health : Piles can cause discomfort.

Lucky Color : rose

Lucky number : 5


Seeing negativity in every person and having a negative attitude about every situation is causing you trouble. You may have had bitter experiences by some people but some good experiences have also been a part of your life. Pay more attention to the positive events happening in your life, due to which mental discomfort can be reduced to some extent.

Career : It will be difficult for you today to decide in some things related to business.

Love : Not getting the person eligible for marriage can be a cause of trouble for the youth.

Health : There will be a need to increase stamina and immunity in the body.

Lucky Color : Green

Lucky number : 2


If you want to change your situation, then you also have to make efforts. Just wishing will not change. At the moment you will need to take more hard work in every subject. You will get the support of people, but try to find a solution to your problem by yourself.

Career : It will be late to get loan to increase business.

Love : You will need to openly discuss your expectations and feelings with the partner.

Health : There may be leg related discomfort.

Lucky Color : Orange

Lucky number : 7


As much as you are thinking negatively, the situation is not difficult and painful, but the fear that is in your mind is preventing you from moving forward. Some family members will try to pull you back. Therefore, avoid discussing today with them about the important.

Career : The decision related to higher education will prove beneficial for you.

Love : Suddenly changed behavior of partner can cause you mental discomfort.

Health : Due to the changing environment, the immunity of the body will start decreasing.

Lucky Color : Blue

Lucky number : 3


Any proposal placed by you will be approved, due to which both you and the person in front will also see a reasonable benefit. Your decision will be proved right in the matters related to the property. You know the feelings of others very well. So it will also be easy for you to stay connected with people.

Career : Traveling can be done abroad due to work related things.

Love : The decision taken regarding marriage will prove to be correct.

Health : You will need to consume a suitable amount of water.

Lucky Color : Yellow

Lucky number : 4


Your health will need more attention. It is showing its effect on your mental health because of repeated things in your mind related to past tense. Due to which your physical health is also being harmed.

Career : Business related marketing will need to be done in a new way.

Love : Do not try to add a broken relationship again and again.

Health : The body will need to detox.

Lucky Color : Green

Lucky number : 7


Your work will be easy, but due to intermittent examination of your sobriety can be done. It will be difficult for you to stay connected with the family members, but the decision you take will be with the family members.

Career : People associated with interior decorators and constructions should start their work only with money in advance.

Love : Interference by many people in relationship matters can break the relationship.

Health : Due to less energy in the body, there will be dizziness and discomfort of fatigue.

Lucky Color : Purple

Lucky number : 6

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