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Tarot rashifal for Saturday, 2nd January, aaj ka rashifal, daily tarot rashifal for 2 january, aries to pisces rashifal | मेष राशि के लोगों के लिए लाभदायक रहेगा दिन, कर्क राशि की पुरानी परेशानियों हो सकती हैं दूर

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  • How will be the day of Saturday, January 2 for all the 12 zodiac signs, who will get success

According to Tarot Cards, on Saturday, January 2, people of Aries can get money as well as honor. The chronic troubles of Cancer people can be overcome. Know from Tarot reader Pranitha Deshmukh how Saturday, January 2 can be for your horoscope …


The effort you take may take more time to gain fame. You will take interest in spiritual things today. You may get opportunities to introduce the art inside you. People’s familiarity with you will increase as you stay with people. By this, it will be easy for you to make yourself available for a new treaty.

Career : New job opportunity may be obtained by familiar person.

Love : Relationship with partner will be good.

Health : To cure chronic disease, the body will need to detox.

Lucky color : White

Lucky number : 1


It may be easier for you to change the situation. Due to increasing your focus, you will be able to complete work related things on time. Increasing interest and concentration towards your work will give you financial progress.

Career : You will get to learn things not related to work. Through which you will also realize your potential.

Love : The youth will see progress in the relationship.

Health : Increasing the stamina of the body will require more attention.

Lucky color : Blue

Lucky number : 5


The property or home loan will start to decrease. The stress of the economic crisis that will remain on you will remain on you, but it will not have any effect on your lifestyle or family. You can get help by a close friend.

Career: There is a possibility of loss due to ignoring some business related things.

Love : Your problem and your feelings can be difficult to understand by a partner.

Health : Knee related discomfort will increase.

Lucky color : Red

Lucky number : 3

Cancer – TWO OF CUPS

The mental discomfort that was haunting you for a long time will start to go away. There will also be positive changes in health. Due to the happiness of the mind, there will be increased positivity towards oneself and one’s life. Through which you will keep trying to make life better.

Career : Willpower will continue to be strong to pursue work related things.

Love : Your efforts will continue to understand the problems related to the relationship.

Health : To reduce the increasing fat in the body, a satvic diet will be needed.

Lucky color : Yellow

Lucky number : 2


You will feel positive right from the beginning of the day. The mind will get pleasure due to spending time with the beloved person. The possibility of sudden guests coming into the house. Soon the marriage of an unmarried person in the house may be decided.

Career : Students will get proper fame in the examination.

Love : Sweetness will remain in husband-wife relationship.

Health : Try to increase immunity in the body.

Lucky color : Green

Lucky number : 8


When making any decision, you pay more attention to the thinking of people towards you. Because of which it is difficult for you to take the desired decision. Your effort to keep everyone happy is making you unhappy. So decide what to pay more attention to.

Career : Jobbers will need to get more information related to their project.

Love : Keep expectations of the relationship in reality.

Health : Due to cold, there may be throat related discomfort.

Lucky color : Yellow

Lucky number : 2


Due to some difficulties coming in your way, you are mentally weak. The effect of which is also visible on your lifestyle and work. Expecting people to help in everything is making you and others unhappy. Keep this in mind.

Career : Lack of important documents related to work may be interrupted.

Love : Failure to meet your partner’s expectations will hurt you.

Health : Increase green vegetable intake.

Lucky color : Blue

Lucky number : 7


Today most of the work will be completed easily, because of your knowledge related to work, it will be possible for you to complete the work without the help of others. Family members may expect your support to make important decisions.

Career : People associated with the educational sector will see progress in work.

Love : The family will get full support to convert the relationship into a marriage related decision.

Health : Seasonal diseases may occur.

Lucky color : Orange

Lucky number : 8

धनु – THE MOON

You can get clarity by writing your thoughts if the confusion is increasing while making decisions. One has to try to reduce the growing anger towards the father. You have to learn to forgive people’s mistakes and follow the relationship.

Career : New responsibilities may be given to those associated with the medical field.

Love : Try to win the trust of the partner.

Health : There may be problems related to the eyes and teeth.

Lucky color : Blue

Lucky number : 4


Being careless towards your health can be a problem for you. You are likely to be harmed by the work done in partnership. So do not start new work in partnership. You may be caught by a close person in terms of money. Be cautious while behaving.

Career : There is a possibility of big loss in business. Meditate carefully.

Love : The problems spoken by the partner will be more.

Health Disorders of the stomach and chest can cause discomfort.

Lucky color : Gray

Lucky number : 9


The people with whom differences were taking place will try to resolve differences by themselves. You have to decide which person to forgive and which not. A meeting with a childhood friend will be enjoyable. You will do your best to stick to the decision made for today.

Career : Marketing related individuals need to learn to do work in a new way.

Love : Partners will try to reduce the distance between each other.

Health : Low BP may cause discomfort.

Lucky color : White

Lucky number : 3


Living with family and staying away from them both will hurt you. Therefore, you will need to bring emotional maturity by keeping your feelings under control. Through which you will get to know what is expected in life and it will also be easy for you to take decisions related to it.

Career : Will see benefit in family business.

Love : The partner will try to fix the relationship.

Health : Your health may increase due to the health of the elderly.

Lucky color : Green

Lucky Number: 1