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tarot rashifal for Wednesday, budhwar ka rashifal, 11 november rashifal, aaj ka rashifal, daily rashifal, horoscope | बुधवार को मेष राशि के लोगों का आत्मविश्वास बना रहेगा, वृष राशि के लोगों को झेलना पड़ सकता है नुकसान

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2 month ago

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  • How will the day of November 11 be for all the 12 zodiac signs? Know Tarot Cards

According to Tarot Cards on Wednesday, November 11, the people of Aries will remain confident. People of Taurus may have to suffer losses. According to tarot card reader Pranita Deshmukh, know how Wednesday will be for all 12 zodiac signs …


It will be your goal today to take hard work to its proper end, for which you will use all your hard work and available path. Your confidence and dedication will remain. You will continue to dominate the family.

Career: You will take work more seriously.

Love: Removing relationship and family related problems will remain your sole goal.

Health: Small fat belly can cause discomfort.

Lucky color : Red

Lucky number: 8


Sticking to one thing and thinking about the same is compressing your thought power. You will need to pay attention to all aspects of your life. Your family related responsibility may increase. Due to wrong money treatment, you will have to face some loss.

Career: People associated with HR and recruitment field can face work related stress.

Love: It will be difficult for you to get some aspects of partner’s nature completely.

Health: Foot pain can be painful.

Lucky color: White

Lucky number: 2

Gemini – THE FOOL

Most of your time will be spent with your friend family, which can be helpful to give new direction to your thoughts. While taking career related risks, discuss with experienced people and pay attention to the thoughts coming in mind. This may be the guidance you are getting from the Universe.

Career: A business related plan can be made with a friend.

LoveDecisions related to love marriage can be taken against the family.

Health: The newborn may suffer due to the changing environment.

Lucky color: Yellow

Lucky number: 3


You will get a new work related treaty, which will also help you in every way to use it. By working on plans made related to work and money, you will see progress in your personal life. All your goals set for this year can be completed quickly.

Career: Take advantage of work related treaty as soon as possible.

Love: Marriage can be decided by the person you want.

Health: Your health will improve.

Lucky color : Red

Lucky number: 8


It can be difficult for you to choose the right and wrong path, someone will try to help you through wrong path to take your stuck work forward. He proceeded by paying attention to his decision-making results and his decision-making ability. Due to court related work, there will be tension on the mind.

Career: Both new and old job opportunities will be eligible for you.

Love: Mind game can be played by partner. Stay away from unwanted things related to the relationship.

Health: Colds can be a common cold.

Lucky color : Red

Lucky number : 2


Progress will be seen in most of the tasks you have decided and you will be able to finish important work at the beginning of the day. Which will help you to achieve the goal ahead. Today most of your time will be spent with family. The atmosphere of happiness created in the family will be suitable for strengthening the relationship with each other.

Career: There will be some important work related training. Which can lead you to go ahead.

Love: Due to the progress shown in the family, the relationship between husband and wife will be sweet.

Health: Can cause skin related allergies.

Lucky color: Blue

Lucky number: 7


Today will be a special day for the students. Due to increasing concentration, your interest in difficult subjects can also increase. The guidance given by the qualified person will be suitable for taking important decisions related to your work. Why can you guide and help you in every way to achieve your goal.

Career: It will be necessary for the jobbers and businessmen to concentrate on one job at a time and do it with full concentration.

Love: While taking decisions related to the relationship, also understand the feelings of others and move forward.

Health: Health related problems of children will be solved.

Lucky color– Brown

Lucky number : 6

Scorpio – DEATH

By keeping your temper under control, you can take control of the situation and decide on your side. You will be successful in erasing differences with those who are against you. You may get a chance to prove your qualifications. Do not turn away from your responsibilities.

Career: Jobbers will need to find a new job.

Love: The pressure exerted by the elders may make you angry while taking marriage decisions.

Health: Probability of stomach related infection.

Lucky color: White

Lucky number: 5


Today you will need to pay special attention to your health. Imbalance in the body is making you weak emotionally and mentally as well. Even if the situation around you is not difficult, you will only pay attention to its negative things. Therefore, do not pay much attention to negative thoughts related to anything.

Career: To achieve career-related goals, a new route has to be followed.

Love: Differences between you and the partner may increase.

Health: BP and blood related problems may occur.

Lucky color: Green

Lucky number: 8


The speed of work has to be increased. It can also be difficult for you to keep doing your work by staying on your decision. Therefore, give thought-related commitments. You may face some problems in personal life today. Nevertheless, you will remain in control of the situation.

Career: Use your words thoughtfully while talking to the boss.

Love: Your interest in your relationship will start to decrease.

Health: Vata related discomfort.

Lucky color: Yellow

Lucky number: 1


What you want and what is not in front of you with options, it can make you angry. Nevertheless, keep your thoughts positive and keep practicing visualization to bring progress in the things related to the goal. It can be difficult for you to make your dreams a reality, but it is possible to keep this in mind and keep doing your work.

Career: There may be delay in getting opportunity to work abroad.

Love: It will be difficult for you to understand the thoughts of the partner which may increase your anxiety.

Health: Lack of enthusiasm may be felt due to lack of sleep.

Lucky color: Maroon

Lucky Number: 4


There will be major home purchases. You get it You will be able to enjoy the money completely. The family’s sufferings can also be overcome due to economic progress. Your attempt to clear the debt made on you will be successful. Start trying today to get financial stability in future.

Career: Today will be a special day for traders.

Love: Money can be spent on partner’s needs.

Health : Naturopathy or natural medicine will show improvement in health.

Lucky color: Yellow

Lucky number: 2

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