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The elderly couple escaped the house with the help of a housekeeper carrying millions of ornaments, feeding intoxicants in lentils, a fire broke out in the room while leaving, after 4 days, there was an open case | बुजुर्ग दंपती को दाल में नशा खिला नौकरानी लाखों के गहने लेकर फरार, कमरे में आग भी लगाई, 4 दिन बाद होश आया तो खुला मामला

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  • The Elderly Couple Escaped The House With The Help Of A Housekeeper Carrying Millions Of Ornaments, Feeding Intoxicants In Lentils, A Fire Broke Out In The Room While Leaving, After 4 Days, There Was An Open Case

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JalandharA minute ago

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  • Bajaj Two-Wheelers Agency Goel Motors owner’s house in Shahkot
  • There was a conspiracy to kill an elderly couple by scorching fire, planning failed due to the woman’s sleep
  • Maid was laid 6 years ago, police filed a case against the company sending the maid

A major incident has come to light in the house of the owner of Goyal Motors in Shahkot. The maid, who was kept here 6 months ago through a Delhi company, fed an intoxicated item to an elderly couple. Then, on the night, he escaped with jewelry from his wardrobe. On the way, she set the bed on fire in her room and also locked the door so that no one would know about her handiwork when the elderly couple died. However, due to the suffocation of smoke, the elderly woman’s eye opened and on making noise, her sons broke the window and door and took out the elderly couple. After about 4 days, when he regained consciousness, the police was complained about the whole matter. After which the police against the JV company of Delhi sending maid IPC Stream of 307, 381, 436 and 120B Has filed a case under

Maid had seen advertisement on internet

Sita Goyal, a resident of Mohalla Kartar Nagar in Shahkot, said that she has two sons, Manish Goyal and Amit Goyal. Joe Bajaj runs the company’s two-wheeler agency Goyal Motors. Apart from this, he also has a business of Shellar and Aadhat. The sons had to hire a maid to take care of him and his father Ramesh Goyal. He saw an advertisement of the JV company on the Internet. After mutual negotiations, the company sent a girl named Sushil to her home. She was taking care of both of them for the last 6 months. Because of which she used to come and go in different rooms of the house and everything about her house was known.

There was sweetness in the pulses, eyes opened from suffocation, smoke was spread in the room

While he was eating bread on the night of 30 January, he felt some sweetness in the lentils, so he did not eat it completely. After this, everyone went to their rooms after eating bread. At around 10–11 in the night, a loud cough started coming from the suffocating knee, then the sleep was opened. He noticed that there was a lot of smoke in his room. The single bed accompanying them was on fire. She tried to raise her husband Rajesh Goyal but did not wake up due to unconsciousness. He tried to open the door but was latching it outside. Knowing this, he started making loud noises.

Hearing the noise, the sons pulled out, senses came 4 days later, the maid escaped

His son Amit overheard this noise. Due to their room being locked, Amit broke the window and door and took them out. By then his second son had also arrived. Then both were immediately taken to the DMC Hospital in Ludhiana. Where he remained unconscious for 4 days. When he returned home, he saw that his job Susheela was absconding. If they checked the cupboard, then jewelry worth lakhs of rupees was missing from it, the list of which they are preparing. The maid’s attempt was that by making it a fire accident, she would succeed in the plot but when the elderly were taken out safely, they escaped from the house.