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thoughts of sadguru on new year 2021, Move forward with the courage to create the things that matter for life – Sadhguru | जो चीजें जीवन के लिए मायने रखती हैं, उन्हें बनाने के लिए साहस के साथ आगे बढ़ें – सद्गुरु

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  • Thoughts Of Sadguru On New Year 2021, Move Forward With The Courage To Create The Things That Matter For Life Sadhguru

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5 hours ago

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  • Sadhguru is a modern guru, he founded the Isha Foundation.

Due to its ability to reverse the life of everyone, The year 2020 will definitely leave an indelible mark on this generation. If we look at the last century in terms of battles, epidemics, and natural disasters, the first twenty years of the 21st century have been a blessing. Amidst the devastating signs seen on the environment, when all our efforts should have been focused on preserving the environment for future generations, the epidemic of viruses is shaking everything. But this epidemic, despite being so damaging, is still a mild thing. It can be cooled by a conscious and responsible action of the citizens.

Many people have compared this epidemic to the second world war., Because they have not seen that war. If we had all been a little too trained in yoga and meditation, and had been sitting quietly in one place for fourteen days, the epidemic would have ended. War was of a different nature; We no longer see such panic. Your home is still safe. Nobody has thrown a bomb on you. But people have not sufficiently increased their mental flexibility to handle the situation. Natural disasters of famines, battles, epidemics, volcanoes and earthquakes have occurred in every generation. We need to see how we make a human being strong in such a way that whatever comes, they can pass through it decently.

Virus has challenged our health and mortal nature, But now, we are creating a new problem for ourselves by making ourselves mentally and emotionally insane. Now suicides have increased. It is very important that as a human being, as a society and a country, we must take an oath that we will not allow a mental health or suicide epidemic to occur. This is the time when we should work in a stable, intelligent and sensible manner. You have to make yourself a better old-fashioned person. Physically, mentally, emotionally and in terms of ability, be 10 percent better than what you are now. We are providing many tools for this online for free. The virus will perform its dance for some time. When its dance is over, you should be ready for a big dance.

In human capacity, Answering rather than reacting is the solution, not just to avoid an epidemic, but also to create new possibilities for a more civilized and sustainable world. Of course, there is a distance between probability and reality. In the coming year, I wish that we all have courage, commitment, and consciousness to make ourselves a better person and as a result a better world.

do not despair, Rather, commitment to making what matters for the whole life is the way forward.

Sadhguru Isha Foundation

(Sadhguru is a modern guru. In 2017, the Government of India awarded the Padmavibhushan Award to Sadhguru for his unique and distinguished work.)