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Transport Minister Khachariwas said – Ram is nobody’s legacy, and now Ram is also angry with BJP | परिवहन मंत्री खाचरियावास बोले – राम किसी की बपौती नहीं, और अब तो राम भी BJP से नाराज

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Udaipur16 minutes agoAuthor: Smit Paliwal

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Pratap Singh Khachariwas Transport Minister Rajasthan.  - Dainik Bhaskar

Pratap Singh Khachariwas Transport Minister Rajasthan.

  • By-elections are going to be held in 4 assembly seats of Rajasthan. How is the preparation for Congress?

The Congress party will win in the by-elections in Rajasthan. The reason for this is that when the general public wears the Modi government of the Center and the Gehlot government of the state in one scale, then the public will know the reality. Modi government is a government of lies, deceit and dictatorship. While the Gehlot government of the state is a government of justice, truth and development. The Gehlot government understands the pain and discomfort of the common man. This is the reason why the state government also worked number one in the Corona era.

  • Assembly Leader of Opposition Gulabchand Kataria says that the Chief Minister is sitting in today’s room. Not getting out of 9 months?

Such things do not suit Kataria Ji’s mouth. Kataria is sitting in the glass room. Gehlot saheb is going among the public as well, and is also doing public work. After the Corona period, Gehlot Sahib has now been recognized as the best Chief Minister in India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself has also praised Chief Minister Gehlot.

  • Has factionalism prevailed in the Rajasthan Congress? Has the state Congress really sat in several groups?

Ashok Gehlot is a well-known leader of Rajasthan. There is no dispute and no quarrel in this matter.

  • After a statement about Sachin Pilot, there is a campaign against AAP on social media. It is being said that you will no longer be in the cabinet. Because you were a minister in the Sachin Pilot camp?

This is what BJP leaders talk about. They do not own the land. And who do not own the land. Their words are not answered. Their habit is to talk nonsense. The rest will be seen when the time comes.

  • Pratap Singh Khachariwas belongs to which group in the Congress party. Sachin Pilot or Ashok Gehlot?

There is only one camp in the Congress party, and that is the camp. Of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.

  • In Vallabhnagar, will the Congress party give tickets in the family of Shaktawat only. Or will newcomers get a chance?

Today I have a meeting with Congress workers in Vallabhnagar. Whoever takes the hand symbol in Vallabhnagar will win. And whichever ticket the Congress Party will give it will fight.

  • You have accused the BJP and RSA of extortion in the name of Ram Mandir Chanda. What is the reason for this?

Rama is our adorable, we are descendants of Lord Rama. Lord Ram’s temple will be built only by giving an account number. The BJP has no right to do politics in the name of Ram. Even Lord Ram will never forgive the work done by BJP. The Supreme Court’s decision has also come from the wish of Lord Rama. BJP does not have the right to take credit in the name of Ram temple. I will also give my salary in the construction of Ram temple, will give silver bricks, will go to darshan. Rama is nobody’s father. Ram is not a slave to anyone, the world is a slave to Ram.

But BJP people should not do false politics by printing different receipts. BJP suffers from guilt. And doing politics only in the name of Ram. While the locks of the Ram temple were opened by Rajiv Gandhi. Pooja was started by Rajiv Gandhi in Ayodhya. BJP is meant only by votes, not temples and Ram. Now Ram ji is also angry with BJP.