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Vakri Guru Ke Upay Jyotish Tips In Hindi – आज के दिन करें यह छोटा सा उपाय, चुटकी बजाते बदलेगी आपकी किस्मत

Some remedies are according to Vedic astrology, then some remedies are tantric and show immediate effect.

As such, Jupiter or the planet Jupiter is considered auspicious planet, but if this guru planet in one’s horoscope becomes retrograde or is sitting in an inauspicious place or is suffering due to any reason then it makes that person’s life hell. In such a situation, astrologers suggest several types of remedies to overcome the inauspicious effects of the Guru. Some of these remedies are according to the Vedic astrology, then some remedies are tantric and show immediate effect. If you too are troubled by the inauspicious guru in the horoscope then you can get relief by trying these remedies.

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These are the measures to remove the obsolescence of the Guru

  1. The first and simplest solution to remove the effect of the inauspicious guru is to touch his feet and take his blessings as soon as he wakes up in the morning. This not only makes Jupiter auspicious, but also favors the Sun and Raja Yoga is formed in the horoscope.
  2. Another way to get Guru’s compatibility is to apply yellow sandalwood tilak on the frontal. With this, the cooperation of other planets including the Guru starts and the fate of the person starts changing.
  3. To make the planet Jupiter auspicious, reciting the Shrimad Bhagwat Gita or Shrimad Bhagwat is also advised. Although it takes a little longer, its effect is permanent.
  4. Going to the temple of Lord Vishnu or any one of his Dasavatars on Thursday also removes the inauspicious effects of all the planets in the horoscope. Along with this, there are many other methods based on Tantra Shastra, but before taking those measures, the advice of an experienced expert should be taken, otherwise there may be loss in place of profit.