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we should help others, importance of help, motivational story for happiness, how to get success and happiness in life | अच्छे काम निस्वार्थ भाव से करते रहेंगे तो उनसे किसी न किसी का लाभ जरूर होता है

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  • We Should Help Others, Importance Of Help, Motivational Story For Happiness, How To Get Success And Happiness In Life

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2 days ago

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  • Every day a saint used to make bamboo baskets and shed them in the river, an old lady would take these baskets out of the river and sell them.

In ancient times, a saint was living in a forest by making a hut. There was also a river near the hut. They used to chant the mantras of God throughout the day and ate the fruits found in the forest. Large bamboo plants had grown near his hut.

The saint knew how to make baskets from bamboo. One day, while chanting the mantra, he made a basket with bamboo. The basket was very beautiful and strong. The saint thought that this basket was of no use to me. Thinking this, he threw the basket into the river.

Now saints used to make a basket everyday and drain it in the river. He enjoyed in this work and time was also cut. This sequence continued for a few days. The saint was thinking that this basket would be useful for someone. But, one day the saint thought that I am doing this work, but I am not benefiting from it. I should not work hard for no reason. He stopped making baskets.

One day they were walking along the river. After walking some distance, he saw an old woman sitting on the river, when they reached her, they came to know that she was crying. The saint asked him the reason for crying.

The old lady said, ‘Until a few days ago a beautiful basket used to flow daily in this river. I used to take out that basket and sell it in the nearby village, my life was going on with the money I got from it. But now the basket has stopped coming. It has become very difficult for me to arrange food. That’s why I am sad. ‘

The saint was very sad to hear the woman’s talk. He immediately returned to his hut and made bamboo baskets and washed them into the river. After this, he started doing these things every day. So that the old lady can help.

Learning If good works are done selflessly, then someone definitely gets their benefit. That is why we should keep working without any personal interest.