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we should remember these tips for motivational quotes by sant kabir, tips to get success, how to get success, inspirational quotes | काम पूरा होने तक लापरवाही से बचें, वरना अंतिम समय पर बर्बाद हो सकती है पूरी मेहनत

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  • We Should Remember These Tips For Motivational Quotes By Sant Kabir, Tips To Get Success, How To Get Success, Inspirational Quotes

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33 minutes ago

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  • Saint Kabir has told in a couplets, ‘If the farmer makes a mistake after seeing the ripe crop, his entire crop gets spoiled’.

Success comes only to those who remain alert till the last moment. Those who are negligent after reaching the last stop, their entire hard work can be wasted. In this regard, Saint Kabir has told a couplet.

Saint Kabir says that – Watching ripe farming, grilled farmers. Ajahun bag is very, come home then darling.

In this couplet Kabir is saying that some farmer gets proud after seeing the ripe crop. The farmer starts thinking that the crop is ready now. Now there will be no problem. My hard work has come to fruition. Thinking this, he becomes careless. The second line of the couplet has the word ‘Ajhun Jhola’. The word jhola in couplets means jhamela. The crop is ripe, the farmer is very happy and gets proud. However, there are a lot of issues in harvesting and taking it home. Many difficulties may occur.

Till the crop comes home without hindrance, the farmer should not think that he has succeeded. That is why it is said in couplets that when the house comes, then when the harvest comes home, then it should be considered a success.

The same applies to us. Do any work, do not be negligent until the goal is achieved, until success is achieved. More care must be taken at the last stop, or else hard work can be wasted.