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we should remember these tips while we are studying, motivational story about education, we should obey our teacher | जो शिक्षा देता है, उसका स्थान हमेशा ऊंचा रहता है, गुरु का आदर नहीं करेंगे तो ज्ञान कभी काम नहीं आएगा

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  • We Should Remember These Tips While We Are Studying, Motivational Story About Education, We Should Obey Our Teacher

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One month ago

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  • The king was learning new knowledge from the Guru, but after a long time he was not getting knowledge.

Whatever may be the knowledge, if you do not respect the Guru, then knowledge cannot be gained. A folk tale prevails in this regard. According to the legend, in the old times a king wanted to learn new teachings.

The king discovered a learned guru and requested the guru to teach him new knowledge. Now the Guru reached the Raj Mahal every day and taught the king, the king also used to listen and understand the Guru’s words carefully.

Long time passed, but the king could not remember the knowledge he had read. The king was worried about this. The king did not doubt the Guru’s qualifications.

Distressed, the king told this to the queen. The queen said that she should talk to the guru in this regard. The next day the king told his guru this problem.

The Guru told the king that the reason for this problem is very common. You are unable to understand a small thing because of your ego. You sit on the throne and my seat is below you. While the Guru’s position should be elevated.

The king thought the Guru right. From the next day the king corrected his mistake and made the Guru’s seating area elevated.

The lesson of this story is that if we are learning something from someone, then we should respect it. Only by honoring the Guru can we get benefit from knowledge.