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we should solve our problems with these tips, how to solve problems of life, gautam buddha story, motivational story | समस्या कैसी भी हो, सबसे पहले उसकी वजह को समझेंगे तो समाधान तुरंत मिल जाएगा

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  • We Should Solve Our Problems With These Tips, How To Solve Problems Of Life, Gautam Buddha Story, Motivational Story

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  • Buddha put three knots in a rope in front of his disciples and asked how can we open these knots?

Gautama Buddha used to give important messages to his disciples every day with different examples. One day all the disciples were sitting to listen to the discourses of Buddha. Buddha reached in front of the disciples with a rope. All the disciples were surprised to see the rope in Buddha’s hand.

Buddha sat in his place. After this, he put three knots in the rope one by one. Buddha pointed to the rope by asking the disciples whether it was the same rope that was before tying the three knots?

A disciple said that even after applying Tathagata bales, it is the same rope. The second disciple said that now the rope has three knots, due to which the appearance of the rope has changed.

Other disciples said that the shape of the rope has changed, but the rope is basically the same. Buddha said that all of you are right. After this, Buddha grabbed both the ends of the rope to pull the knots and started pulling them vigorously. The Buddha asked if such three knots of rope would be opened?

The disciples said that by doing this, the lumps will become stronger. The Buddha said what do we have to do to open these knots?

The disciple said that first we have to see how these knots are attached. How to open the knots? When we understand how the knots are, then we will be able to open these knots easily.

Buddha said that in the same way we should think for problems also. Trying to solve them without knowing the cause of the problems can make matters worse. Therefore, if we first understand the reason for the problems, then we can easily find a solution to them.

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