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we should think positive in every situation, significance of positive thinking, motivational story, prerak prasang | हालात कैसे भी हों, हमें हर हाल में सकारात्मक सोचना चाहिए और भगवान को धन्यवाद कहना चाहिए

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  • We Should Think Positive In Every Situation, Significance Of Positive Thinking, Motivational Story, Prerak Prasang

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4 days ago

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  • The servant brought the grapes and placed them in front of the king, the king was thinking something, he picked up every grape and started throwing it on the servant.

Be it happiness or sorrow in life, we should remain positive in every situation. One should not be disappointed even in difficult times. People who take care of this, are always happy and improve the situation easily. A folk tale prevails in this regard. Know this story …

A king had a garden of fruits. A servant daily used to pluck fruits from the garden and take it to the king. One day, coconut, guava and grapes were caught in the garden. The servant started thinking which fruit should be taken for the king today.

After much thought the servant broke the grapes and filled a basket. He took a basket of grapes and reached the king. At that time the king was worried and thinking something. The servant placed the basket in front of the king and he sat a short distance away.

Thinking the king started eating one of the grapes in the basket. After some time, the king started throwing every grape on the servant. Whenever the servant used to get grapes, he was saying that God is very kind to you. Thank you very much.

Suddenly the king heard this about the servant, so he took it upon himself and asked that I am throwing grapes again and again and why are you speaking kindly to God, not angry?

The servant told the king that Maharaj had ripe coconut, guava and grapes in the garden today. I was wondering what to take for you today? Then I felt that grapes should be taken today. If I brought coconut or guava, my condition would be worse today. That is why I am calling God kind. At that time, my intelligence was such that I brought grapes.

Learning The lesson of this story is that we should keep our thinking positive. Whatever the circumstances, trust God and say thanks.