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2 month ago

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  • The sculptor was trying to make a stone sculpture, but that stone was not broken even after being hit repeatedly with a hammer

Sometimes success is not achieved even after repeated attempts. In such a situation many people lose courage and change the path and lose the opportunity to earn big profit. However, no matter how difficult the task may be, one must definitely make the last effort and complete sincerity. A folk tale prevails in this regard. Know this story …

In ancient times, a king received a valuable stone gift from a neighboring kingdom. The king thought that an idol of God should be made with this stone. He ordered the minister to make a very beautiful idol out of this stone by giving thousand golden coins to a big sculptor.

The minister after much research handed it over to a good sculptor. The sculptor was happy that he would get a lot of money. He started the process of breaking the stone to make the idol. The sculptor was repeatedly struck with a hammer, but the stone was very strong. He was not breaking up.

It was morning to evening, but the sculptor could not succeed in breaking the stone. He gets tired and thinks that it is not possible to break this stone. That is why he told the minister that this work does not belong to me. The next day the minister found another sculptor. When the second sculptor struck the first hammer on the stone, it broke. The minister was surprised to see this. He thought that yesterday the sculptor attacked the stone all day, making it weak. If he tried once more, this stone would have broken and he would have got the fruits of his hard work, but he lost courage in the middle.

Story lessons

The lesson of this episode is that we should never back down in trying. If you do not get success even after repeated attempts, you should try once. It may be that the last attempt succeeds. Sometimes the last key of a bunch of keys opens the lock.

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