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Wednesday, 10 march kundli rashifal, aaj ka rashifal, daily horoscope, budhwar ka rashifal, Cancer, Virgo and Pisces, Libra and Scorpio | बुधवार को कर्क, कन्या और मीन राशि के लोग सतर्क रहकर करें काम, तुला और वृश्चिक राशि को मिल सकता है लाभ

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  • Wednesday, 10 March Kundli Rashifal, Aaj Ka Rashifal, Daily Horoscope, Budhwar Ka Rashifal, Cancer, Virgo And Pisces, Libra And Scorpio

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  • Know from astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, how can the day of Wednesday, March 10 be for all the 12 zodiac signs?

On Wednesday, March 10, there will be Shravan Nakshatra. Due to this Nakshatra on Wednesday, auspicious yoga is being created named Chhatra. Moon will remain in Capricorn on this day. Perform special worship of Lord Ganesha on Wednesday. In the worship, chant the mantra: Om Gan Ganpatayai. Offer Ganesha to Durva. Perform Aarti by lighting incense and lamps.

According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, on Wednesday some people will get the fruits of old hard work, while some people may have to work more. Know how the day of Wednesday, March 10 can be for all the 12 zodiac signs …


Positive– There will be relief from any kind of dilemma and discomfort going on for some time. And will feel themselves full of energy. Some important decisions related to family and finance will lead to positive results.

Negative– Keep documents related to house, car etc. Sometimes they keep making plans in dreams, so do not live in the imagination and come into reality. You can also be worried about any problem of children.

The business– Today the business will get some new dimensions and contracts. Work hard to complete your tasks with full vigor. Put all your energy into marketing related work, success is definitely going to be there.

Love– Family life will be normal. Husband and wife should respect each other’s feelings. There will be sweetness in love relations.

Health– Due to any stomach problem, the routine may be chaotic. Do not be careless about your food and drink at all.

Lucky color– Saffron

Lucky number– 9


PositiveToday is the time for thinking and self-inspection. Suddenly an impossible task can be possible. Your talent and personality will be exposed to people openly. Honor will also remain in society.

Negative– There will be an excess of expenses in unnecessary activities. Make sure to take care of your budget. There can be a situation of debate with neighbors about any small thing. It would be better to keep distance from all these things.

The business– Time is not yet favorable for taking any important decision in partnership related business. Therefore, pay attention to the present situation. But the economic situation will remain better. Do not make any effort to change job occupation place now.

Love– The husband and wife will continue to have affection and sweetness among themselves. And there will be happy times with family members in humor and entertainment.

Health– Toothache can be irritating. Do not be careless and consult a doctor immediately.

Lucky color Blue

Lucky number– 6


Positive– Meeting an experienced and religious person will bring positive changes in your ideology as well. There will also be a plan to organize mangalik work in the house. Any stalled work can also be completed today.

Negative– Do not have high expectations from anyone, rather it is reasonable to believe in your work capacity and ability. You can do your harm due to sentimentality. Do not waste your time even in futile activities.

The business– There may be some disruptions in the field, but it is advisable to maintain patience and patience at this time. You can also do your own harm by getting angry and in haste. People’s relationships with their officers will become stronger.

Love– Family atmosphere will be pleasant. Children will also be disciplined and obedient.

Health– Cervical and shoulder pain problems may increase due to excessive workload. Take proper rest and must also pay attention to exercise.

Lucky color– rose

Lucky number– 3


Positive– By following the advice and guidance of the elders of the house, many of your problems will be solved. The mind will be happy to get good information related to a relative. A relocation plan will also be made.

Negative– Many of your important tasks can also be stopped due to spending time with friends in vain. Therefore, prioritize your tasks. Do not let any outsider interfere in family matters. stay alert.

Business Keep your paper and files perfectly organized in the field. Because there is a possibility of having an inquiry. Any achievement related to a new task will be achieved. Instead of thinking more, start working on it immediately.

Love– Married relationships will remain sweet. Do not allow extramarital affair. Otherwise family problems may arise.

Health– Stomach related problems will be disturbed. Take light and digestible food and keep the routine organized.

Lucky color– White

Lucky number– 3


Positive– Time is favorable. You will get the proper result of your work and hard work. While improving the maintenance of the house, please follow the rules of Vastu. You will also get a chance to show your ability.

Negative– There is a need to be careful in the tone of the conversation. Anger can worsen the situation. Handle your important item yourself. Time can be lost even in vain visits.

The business– Take every little thing in business seriously. This will make your work easily done. But do not sign any paper or document without reading it. Attempting to earn extra income in the job will be negative.

Love– There will be a sense of mutual harmony between the husband and wife. Keep a distance from opposite sex friends.

Health– Cough, cold, or any skin problem may be caused due to allergies. Avoid going to areas with high pollution.

Lucky color– rose

Lucky number– 7


Positive– You will impress people with your eloquence and work style. This is the best time to make the economic situation more strong. Hard work will be successful to achieve the goal.

Negative– Arrival of guests in the house can lead to interruptions of many important functions. Because of which the mind will be upset. Interfering in the case of others can lead to defamation for you.

The business– There is a need to take some concrete and important decisions in business and functioning. But you will be able to handle your tasks quickly and seriously. The women class will be especially mindful of their occupation.

Love– There can be a debate between the husband and wife about any family problem. But do not let any outsider interfere with your family life.

Health– Time is not very favorable in terms of health. Irritability will remain in nature. Must also spend some time in meditation and yoga etc.

Lucky color– Saffron

Lucky number– 8


PositiveAt this time, take full advantage of time by being opportunistic. You will be able to solve every problem with your understanding and intelligence. A thoughtful decision will prove beneficial in the future.

NegativeGet out of the real world and face reality. Sometimes, too much thinking can leave many important achievements out of hand. In the case of real estate, the situation of dispute is increasing.

Business Your passion and passion for work in the field will remain. You will also be able to solve difficult problems. Keep in mind that any type of stress may arise in the work related to partnership.

Love– Love affairs will increase in closeness. But somewhere you will face problems in keeping pace with family life.

Health– Health problems going on for some time will improve. And you will feel healthy and energetic.

Lucky color– Yellow

Lucky number– 6


Positive– Time is good. If a task has been stalled or stuck for a long time, then the time has come to complete it. Students will get proper results of the exam through their hard work. You can also get an invitation to go to a function.

Negative– Economically, today is not a very favorable day. Do not do any type of investment or transaction related work. Meeting a big politician or official will prove beneficial. The routine will be very busy in the office.

The business– Beneficial positions are being created in insurance and insurance company related business. If you are thinking of taking a loan, then discuss it once more. Stress can occur due to pressure to complete a project in a job.

Love– There may be some decrease in mutual coordination and harmony between husband and wife. But spending some time sitting with family will make the atmosphere normal.

Health– Health will be fine. But do not be careless about your food and daily routine.

Lucky color– rose

Lucky number– 4


Positive– Land or vehicle related shopping plans will be made. Students studying in professional studies will get success. Today is a favorable time to get the money lent. Old differences will be overcome by a close relative.

Negative– Do not resort to any improper act to do the circumstances in your favor, otherwise the problems may increase further. Be careful, because someone can talk to you and get your secret plans.

The business– New research and plans are needed to grow the business. Be sure to consult with family members before starting any new work, surely proper advice will be given. Employed people should maintain their proper behavior in the office.

Love– Mutual harmony and harmony will remain in the family. But you may have to face disappointment in love affairs, so do not waste your time.

Health– Changes in the weather will have a negative effect on your health as well. It is not appropriate to be negligent towards health at this time.

Lucky color– Red

Lucky number– 2


PositiveToday’s planet transit is completely in your favor. Your financial condition will become strong and strong. Leave laziness and be fully attentive to your goal. Any disputed home issue will also be resolved.

Negative– Control your emotions. At this time, there is a situation of spending money in vain works. Therefore it is important to control your expenses. Be sure to consult before taking any loan related to land or vehicle.

The business– Some new plans for expansion in business will be considered. Focus more on marketing related tasks at this time. An order can be canceled due to negative activity of an employee. Therefore, it is important to keep a close watch on all works.

Love– Married life will be pleasant. Exposure to love relationships can cause some problems.

Health– Keep away from any kind of bad association and habit. Because of this, your immune system may be weak.

Lucky color– Sky

Lucky number– 8


Positive– Peace and happiness in the family will be your first priority. There will also be a good synergy between work and family. Students trying for professional study may get some good news.

Negative– Along with income, the condition of expenditure will also remain. This is the time to spend patience. Do not use mobile phones etc. at all while driving. There is also a possibility of an accident at this time.

Business Minor problems related to machinery, staff etc. will be revealed. At this time some drastic and important decisions need to be taken. However, the support of an experienced person will help and assist you in your work.

Love– Family atmosphere will remain pleasant. And there will be proper harmony and emotional attachment between the family members.

Health– Due to hard work and hard work, you will feel tired and weak. This can have a negative effect on your health.

Lucky color– Blue

Lucky number– 1


Positive– Today you will spend your best time in religious or spiritual activities. Any important decision taken today will create the best conditions for you in the near future. Conditions are favorable at this time.

Negative– Decide very wisely and thoughtfully in economic matters. A little carelessness can lead to problems. It is your responsibility to maintain good relations with brothers. Do not interfere much in the case of others.

The business– You will get a chance to showcase your ability in the field. Larger orders can also be found. Changes made in working style will yield favorable results. Employment people may suddenly get a travel order, which will be beneficial.

Love– Spouses will respect each other’s feelings. Emotional closeness will also increase in love relationships.

Health– There will be some type of stretch and pain in the veins. Which will also affect your work capacity. Its main treatment is exercise and yoga.

Lucky color– Yellow

Lucky number– 9

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