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Wednesday, 31 march tarot rashifal, budhwar ka rashifal, gemini rashifal, mithun rashifal, tarot rashifal in hindi | बुधवार को मेष राशि के लोग परिवार से नाराजगी दूर करें, मिथुन राशि के लोगों की चिंताएं बढ़ सकती हैं

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  • According to tarot cards, know how March 31 will be for all zodiac signs

According to Tarot Cards, on Wednesday, March 31, the people of Aries can remain angry with the family. The people of Gemini can increase their worries. Know from tarot card reader Pranitha Deshmukh how it can be for all the 12 zodiac signs Wednesday, March 31…


It will be necessary to discuss it with someone while making business related decisions. To make an impact on the people around you, you have to pay more attention to your work and ideas. There will be resentment of the family members for some things, yet you will not leave each other.

Career : Due to the visible progress related to work, you will feel enthusiastic, yet you will need to maintain moderation.

Love : There may be differences of opinion among the partners, do not convert it into a dispute.

Health : Anxiety can be caused due to weight gain.

Lucky Color : White

Lucky number : 2

Taurus – ACE OF CUPS

After a long time you will see life moving smoothly. Things that were expected to progress will be visible. You will feel happy, due to which the environment around you will also remain positive. Particularly, relationships with family members will be fine.

Career : Saying yes to new work opportunities can prove beneficial for you.

Love : Marital life will be full of peace and happiness. Nevertheless, there will be a need to show awareness of the partner’s feelings.

Health : Blood related disease will start to be cured.

Lucky Color : rose

Lucky number : 2


Due to some work being stuck in personal matters, you may worry, but things related to work will move forward. The youth may feel distanced with the family, but how to change this situation will also be thought about.

Career : Knowing work-related mistakes, they will have to try to correct them immediately.

Love : Some important aspects of the nature of the partner will be seen, due to which you will be able to decide on which direction to take the relationship.

Health : Due to the lack of immunity of the body, there can be discomfort like cold and cough.

Lucky Color : Yellow

Lucky number : 1


You will need to pay more attention to physical and mental health. It can be difficult to concentrate in any work due to the worrying about money. You are coming to life by your courage, will try to overcome all the crisis.

Career : There will be stability in things related to work, but due to non-arrival, there may be concern.

Love : Distances will be seen in love relationship. Which you will easily try to move forward by doing.

Health : To keep the body healthy, it will be necessary to focus on food and lifestyle.

Lucky Color : Red

Lucky number : 4

सिंह – THE DEVIL

You can see the effect of differences between husband and wife on your family. Knowing against each other’s views is not against each other, know this. Due to the stressful environment prevailing today, it can be difficult for you to take any kind of decision. Which will make you feel irritable and suffocated.

Career : To make your work better, it will be very important for you to learn some new skills.

Love : Trying to keep everything in control of the partner can prove to be harmful for you.

Health : Health will be fine.

Lucky Color : Purple

Lucky number : 3


Today you will feel more emotional, due to which some decisions related to work can also be taken by you emotionally. Which will not result in you, but due to your decision, people around you may face problems.

Career : Due to more focus on money related investment, you will feel financial stability, yet you will have to continue to make work better.

Love : Resentment may persist due to love relationship or love relationship.

Health : Can cause back pain and joint pain.

Lucky Color : Blue

Lucky number : 7


You have to keep trying to get ahead in life. You see a positive change in your thoughts. Try to use it as well. Due to being connected with new people, you will get to learn new things related to life. Which can be beneficial for you personal progress.

Career : Due to work related things, there may be travel or there is a possibility of being transferred to a new city.

Love : He will not be able to speak openly on the partner’s displeasure over you.

Health : Children may have phlegm related problems.

Lucky Color : Orange

Lucky number : 6

Scorpio – THE FOOL

You will feel proud and confident about your work. Risk related to work related things will give you progress. However, you have to avoid taking huge risk related to money. The faith and expectation that the family members have kept towards you will remain intact.

Career : People associated with the medical field may have to face more bhagadori due to work.

Love : With the help of partner, it will be easy for you to take any complicated decision and at the same time your respect for them will be increased by seeing the cooperation received by the partner.

Health : Complete sleep will require attention.

Lucky Color : White

Lucky number : 5


You are keeping people away from you only because of giving more importance to money. You have to learn to balance in relationships and in behavior. How will you handle the responsibility of family members properly, but due to expressing it, some people may remain resentful towards you.

Career: Not being able to give proper direction to things related to work can cause problems for you.

Love : Due to negligence of the partner, there will be tension in the love relationship.

Health : There may be stomach related discomfort. Food and drink will have to be taken care of.

Lucky Color : Red

Lucky number : 8


Some wrong decisions related to life are causing trouble for you, but it is also possible for you to change this situation. Therefore, do not get entangled in the past and pay attention to how the situation ahead can be improved.

Career : It can be harmful to discuss the work related plan right now.

Love : Due to the restlessness related to personal things, you will not be able to pay attention to the relationship.

Health : Avoid eating more sweet.

Lucky Color : Green

Lucky number : 5


The sooner you work, the more mistakes you can make. For this reason, even though the work is easy, you may need to take more hard work. One has to concentrate on doing only one thing at a time by stabilizing the mind.

Career : You have to learn to keep personal things and work related things separate.

Love : Distances may remain with the partner due to the harsh words you have removed.

Health : Can cause pain related to neck and shoulder.

Lucky Color : Gray

Lucky number : 4


The money-related target will be met, by which a new work-related plan will be made, but due to low self-confidence, it can be difficult for you to work on anything at the moment. New changes coming in life can instill fear in you. At the moment, as the situation is, you will have to try to keep yourself calm by adopting the same.

Career : Business related people may get a bigger contract.

Love : The expected progress related to the relationship will be seen.

Health : Swelling can increase on the body due to working for too long at one place.

Lucky Color : Yellow

Lucky number : 1

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