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weekly rashifal For 6 December to 12 December, weekly prediction for December 2nd week, saptahik rashifal, weekly horoscope | 6 दिसंबर से 12 दिसंबर तक 6 राशियों को मिलेगा भाग्य का साथ और 6 राशियों को सतर्क रहना होगा

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  • Weekly Rashifal For 6 December To 12 December, Weekly Prediction For December 2nd Week, Saptahik Rashifal, Weekly Horoscope

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  • People of Aries will help needy people this week, this time will be in favor for Taurus

How will the new week i.e. December 6 to 12 be for you, they can know according to the lunar sign. This week, Venus will change except for Moon. Venus will enter Scorpio on the morning of 11th. Chandra will travel from the zodiac to the Scorpio zodiac. Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga is being formed on 9 December in this week. Friday is the Ekadashi of Aghan Krishna Paksha. It is called Utpana Ekadashi. Know from Astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, what can be the time for all 12 zodiacs from Sunday, December 6 to Saturday, December 12…

Positive There will be a trend in religious and spiritual activities. Helping someone in need will also bring spiritual happiness. The blessings and wishes of a well-wisher will prove to be a boon for you.

Negative– In economic matters, take a decision with a lot of understanding and thought. There may be some kind of betrayal or deception. Do not make any of your plans public in front of anyone. And keep your important items very much.

The business– Repair and paint-related works will be planned in the field. The youth can get any important information related to their career. Success in commission related business.

Love– Extramarital affair can also affect your family life. Therefore, stay away from such relationships and pay more attention to your household.

Health– Seasonal fever may remain. Keep your routine organized.

Positive– This week’s planet transit and luck are working in your favor. Time is good to solve any of your problems. So keep trying. The youth will feel relieved of any significant achievement.

Negative– But your feelings and generosity can also be misused. Therefore, it is very important to be alert while establishing contact with anyone. There will also be tension due to non-availability of any important item.

The business– Business activities related to land and vehicles will improve. There will be pressure to meet the targets and targets in the job and work area. There may also be some bitterness in relations with high officials.

Love– Will spend time traveling and romantic activities with life partner. There will also be plans related to engagement or marriage of a person in the family.

Health– Due to heat, digestive power will worsen. Drink plenty of fluids.

Positive– If any government work is stopped then this week is the appropriate time to complete it. All kinds of relationships will improve and happiness will be felt from all sides. Time will also be spent in house maintenance and decoration related works.

Negative– Sometimes your tendency to doubt becomes a problem for you. So keep your thinking positive. Old property problems will arise again.

The business– New contracts made for the benefit of money in the field will develop and new schemes will be formed. Stopped work will also be dealt with. Before starting any new work, please take the advice of experienced home people.

Love– Marital relationship will be sweet. But having more contact with friends can cause problems in mutual relations.

Health– Due to excessive work, you will feel tired and weak. Periodic rest is also necessary.

Positive– Speed ​​of time will be in your favor. The social circle will increase. Getting relief from any problem that has been going on for some time will provide relief. Time is good for making a big investment.

Negative– But the situation may be somewhat adverse after noon. Avoiding wasteful expenditure and making a balanced budget for household spending is also very important. There will be some hurdles in court case related matters. Therefore, it is better to keep such work suspended.

The business– Business opponents can pose a tough challenge in front of you. Do not be negligent about the quality of your product. Boss and officers will be satisfied with your work in the job. There is also a possibility of promotion.

Love– There will be mutual coordination and harmony in the family environment. Understanding each other’s feelings is very important in love relationships.

Health– It is necessary to be alert from seasonal diseases. Keep your routine very well organized.

Positive– Time is of value and prestige. Will be interested in religious work and spiritual work. Maintain the best balance between business, home and worldliness. Some portion of any money lent may be returned.

Negative– You may be shocked or shocked by the negative activity of a close friend. Keep documents related to car or house. Sometimes the desire to know a particular subject in depth can distract you from your goal.

The business– There can be defeat in any type of business competition. But do not let this tension dominate you. And was patiently devoted to his other works. Surely you will get success. Job promotions or transfers are being made.

Love– There will be sweetness in husband-wife relationship. Suddenly meeting an opposite sex friend will bring back fond memories.

Health– Problems like urin infection may arise. Drink plenty of fluids.

Positive– This week both the planet transit and luck are on your side. Some important profitable trips will take place. Plans related to repair and improvement of house, shop, office etc. will also be made. You will also have a tendency in religious and spiritual activities.

Negative– Take care not to spoil the relationship with the brothers in any way. Take decisions with a lot of understanding and thought in economic matters. There is a possibility of spending a lot of money in futile activities. Maintain proper respect for the elders.

The business– Do not take any important decision on a business site. Keep your focus on current activities only. It is very important to be careful while dealing with money transactions. Because you can be cheated.

Love– Family atmosphere will remain pleasant. Time will also be spent in entertainment and entertainment.

Health– Health will be fine. But it is necessary to maintain your immune system strong.

Positive– People of this zodiac have a strong sense of self-confidence and confidence. This week planets are in your favor. Make your contacts stronger. Because it is going to prove very beneficial for you.

NegativeSometimes you may have to suffer loss due to over-confidence. Pay attention to your shortcomings. Do not let laziness dominate you, because it can lead to some achievements.

The business– More time will be spent in marketing related work. But also do not ignore the activities of the workers. They may cause work interruptions. Time is good for collecting payments etc.

Love– Married life will be happy. Misunderstandings will develop in love relationships.

Health– Due to heat and sweat, there will be problems like allergies. Avoid going in the sun and eat things with cold effect.

Positive– Your enthusiasm and passion to work is going to give you amazing success. Therefore, there should be no reduction in hard work. Some time will also be spent in reading interesting and informative literature. Property related work is also likely to be made.

Negative– Don’t get into too much debate with anyone. There is also a need to be completely careful in financial matters. Use the vehicle very carefully. It is better to keep it suspended.

The business– All work in the business will go on smoothly. Do not reveal your plans and methodology to anyone. Someone can misuse it. There will also be pressure on the employed people to meet the target.

Love– Emotional relationship between husband and wife will be strong. Love relations will also be happy to get family approval.

Health– There may be a throat infection and fever. There is a need to keep your immune system strong.

Positive– Will spend time with family with joy. You will achieve any significant achievement on the strength of your work efficiency and ability. Mind will be happy to get some good news from anywhere.

Negative– Any negative thing done by someone can upset you. It will also affect your health. Despite everything being fine, somewhere there will be a situation of restlessness in the mind. Along with income, there will also be an excess of expenses.

The business– While doing any work in the field, be sure to consult an experienced person. Because decisions taken by themselves can be somewhat wrong. The youth are fully expected to get jobs related to their studies.

Love– Family life will be happy. Meeting an opposite sex friend will bring back old memories.

Health– Health will improve. You will feel positive energy inside you.

Positive– This week will be spent in religious and spiritual activities. Due to establishing contact with some specific people, your style of thinking will also change astonishingly. Any anxiety that has been going on for a long time can also be relieved.

Negative– There may be some tension due to lack of economic matters. You will be hurt due to being vainly criticized by someone close to you. Therefore, do not trust anyone and trust yourself.

The business– There will be no significant achievement in business. But there are chances of success in partnership related business. Do not spend more money on a project. Make sure to keep in mind the budget. Your relationship with the boss and colleagues will be good in the job.

Love– Supporting spouse in home activities will strengthen your mutual relations. And the atmosphere of the house will remain pleasant.

Health– Health will be fine. But make exercise and yoga a part of your life.

Positive– This week will be successful in removing the obstacles that have been going on for some time. Through which you will also have a sense of self satisfaction. Special contribution will be made in political and social activities. A special place will also be achieved.

Negative– But keep in mind that only your close friend can cheat or cheat. The youth’s negligence towards their career will be harmful for the future. Therefore it is very important to be careful.

The business– Meeting a particular person in the field of work will be helpful for progress and victory. You will get success in getting your target in the job. When partnering with someone, be sure to consider loss-of-profit situations.

Love– There will be increased closeness between husband and wife. There will also be busy in tasks like marriage, engagement.

Health– Use vehicle or machine related equipment carefully. Because there is a possibility of some kind of injury or accident.

Positive– Important information or news can be received this week. Some money related tasks will be done. Mentally you will feel relaxed. There can also be busy in any ceremony or party.

Negative– There will be some kind of concern about children. There will be a situation of unnecessary fear and restlessness. Because of which you may be unable to make full use of your abilities and abilities.

The business– It is important to keep a lot of seriousness and concentration in the work. Negligence can cause a large order to be canceled. Due to which there is a possibility of economic loss. Keep the work like income tax, cell tax complete.

Love– Sweetness will remain in Marital life. The youth will be decent and serious about their love affairs.

HealthAlong with balanced diet, pay attention to things like physical exertion and exercise. Health will remain good.