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weekly rashifal from 14 to 20 March, Cancer weekly prediction, Libra rashifal, saptahik rashifal, kundli weekly rashifal by dr ajay bhambi | आपके लिए कैसा रहेगा 14 से 20 मार्च तक का समय, इस सप्ताह कर्क और तुला राशि के मिल सकता है लाभ

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  • Weekly Rashifal From 14 To 20 March, Cancer Weekly Prediction, Libra Rashifal, Saptahik Rashifal, Kundli Weekly Rashifal By Dr Ajay Bhambi

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  • The sun will change on the night of March 14 and Venus on the night of 16, all the 12 zodiac signs will be affected.

In the new week, people of Cancer and Libra zodiac signs are getting success. In addition to the lunar this week, the zodiac sign of the Sun and Venus will change. The Sun will change in the night of 14 and Venus in the night of 16. Sun and Venus will enter Pisces. The Moon will go to Aries in 15, 18 in Taurus and 20 in Gemini.

These planets will have an effect on all the 12 zodiac signs. Know from Astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhanbi how it will be for all the 12 zodiac signs from March 14 to 20…


Positive- The youth will get relief from success in any of their work. Also, interest in creative related works will increase. To get mental happiness, consider going to a nearby secluded place or religious place. Which will make you feel energetic again.

Negative– Due to lack of success in work, there will be some irritability in nature. You are likely to get some relief after taking advice from your close friends. Even if you work hard, you will not get favorable results.

The business– Business activities will remain the same. There may be a focus on illegitimate tasks, but be careful, because of this some difficulties will arise. Do not worry, the trick of time will soon be favorable to you.

Love– Due to busyness you will not be able to pay much attention to your family. But you will get full support of the members of the house. Also, the blessings of the elders of the house are with you.

Health– You need to boost your morale. Also spend time on entertainment related activities. Also do meditation.


Positive– There are likely to be some unexpected changes in life this week. Your advice on any important topic in the family will be given more importance. Students will also get appropriate results according to their hard work in their competitions.

Negative– Also keep in mind that a close friend or relative can cheat you. Do not lend money to anyone, as there is no possibility of getting a refund. Also keep a control on harsh speech.

The business– There is a need to meditate and ponder over economic matters. There is a need to make some significant changes in the business. Also, do not let your efforts fall short at all because the hard work done at this time will lead to proper results in the future.

Love– There may be some concerns in the family regarding the health of the life partner. Give them your support and full support. Also, do not waste your time in futile love affairs.

Health– You will feel some lack of energy inside you, so spend some time for your rest too.


Positive– Students will get proper results in their competitive exam. It is time to make dreams come true, so work hard. If you are thinking to invest capital somewhere, do it immediately. Some beneficial circumstances will also be discussed with the brothers.

NegativeTry to do all the work by abandoning laziness, otherwise it may delay some tasks. While implementing the plans, there will be some dilemma, for this the advice of the nearest people will prove beneficial for you.

The business– This week is the best in terms of business. Ongoing conversations from some external sources will yield great results. And there is also a possibility of getting significant opportunities. Also, there will be stagnation in the coming ups and downs for some time.

LoveRegardless of busyness, you will give priority to family. Which will strengthen the harmony between husband and wife. Also it is important to take care of the comforts of home.

Health– You may feel some infection like throat. Consume more and more Ayurvedic things.


PositiveAt this time, you will get the appropriate fruits according to your hard work. But for this, we have to be karma-dominated. Make full use of your energy. There is also a possibility of any property related work.

Negative– Keep your things safe. Because the chances of theft are being made. Do not take any decision in feelings. And keep your focus on the present conditions.

The business– Do not let any dispute arise from the subordinate employees at the business site. An inquiry can sit. Large orders are expected to be received by media or phone.

Love– Spouses will not be able to spend time with each other due to their busy work. But trusting each other will keep the relationship strong.

Health– Health will remain good. There is no need to worry about anything.


Positive– You will be strong emotionally this week. And the house will maintain proper harmony in the family and business, so that the family members will feel very safe.

Negative– Your stubbornness and the nature of being adamant on something can cause some problems for you. Therefore, there is an urgent need to maintain flexibility in our nature.

Business If you have started any new work then there are chances of some obstacles in it. Therefore, make a decision and try towards that work with a lot of concentration. The advice of family members can also show you the proper way.

Love– In husband and wife there will be some noises like situation. But there will be no such situation as a serious situation arises. Gradually everything will become normal.

Health– Burning and acid can be formed in the stomach due to heat. Avoid getting angry and stressed.


Positive– Trusting your ability and talent will create profitable situations for you. The hidden talent inside you will now be exposed, which will increase your respect in the home and society.

NegativeSometimes, because of your importance, many works get spoiled. At the same time, misgivings also arise in the minds of some people. Therefore, keep your nature comfortable. So that there is no loss in your credit.

The business– Have complete confidence in your abilities this week. Due to your little hard work, you are getting chances of getting immense success in some work. Employed people can also get some good information related to promotion.

Love– A program will be made for shopping related to the convenience of the house. And spending time with the family will make you feel refreshed.

Health– There will be a situation like stretch and pain in the veins. Avoid consumption of cold things.


Positive– Making important decisions related to family and finance this week will yield positive results. Also, think about your own suppressed abilities, and wake them up, away from everyday life. This will give you spiritual happiness.

Negative– Keep in mind that someone can take advantage of your sentimentality and generosity. Therefore, before examining anyone’s belief, be sure to investigate it.

The business– Keep your focus on investment related matters in the field this week. And it would be better to try to do most of the work yourself. Trusting a stranger can be harmful for you.

Love– Do not waste time on useless love affairs and entertainment etc. Spouse support in difficult times will not let your morale fall.

Health– Problems like joint pain and blood pressure can be felt. Do not ignore even the smallest problem.


Positive– By removing any obstacles related to the education of the students, he will again be able to concentrate on his studies. Also, the cooperation of influential people will prove to be helpful in your progress. And according to diligence you will also get proper fruits.

Negative– A situation of doubt can arise in the mind of someone, due to which the mental state will remain somewhat uncontrollable. But this is the same and it is very important to get out of it.

The business– Do not let your negative thoughts dominate your business. There will be some external orders on which to concentrate and work otherwise there is a possibility of loss. Property deals can be a big deal.

Love– By keeping cohesion in home and business, all conditions will be favorable. But do not let any other person interfere in your personal life.

Health– Some negative thoughts will be more dominant due to which there will be a decrease in physical ability. Focus on meditation and yoga.


Positive– This week you will be in a mood to relax and spend time with family. If you are planning an investment, then work on it immediately. The situation is favorable from an economic point of view. Any work related to changing the house can also be possible.

Negative– Laziness can cause some tasks to be interrupted. And there is a possibility of debate with the brothers on anything related to the ancestral property. But you will handle the situations through your proper behavior.

The business– There is a possibility of first payment related to any new work. Which will keep happiness in the mind. Job professionals will get any information related to the transfer, which will prove to be lucky for you.

Love– There is a possibility of establishing a love relationship after marriage, but it can cause discord in your married life. Keep this in mind.

Health– Do not take it lightly like constipation and hemorrhoids. It is necessary to get your proper treatment.


Positive– It is possible to withdraw any money that has been paused or lent from somewhere, so focus your attention on it. By talking, you will be able to carry out your work.

NegativeSometimes, there will be a state of hopeless and negative thoughts in the mind. Before money comes, the way to go will also be ready. Keep in mind that a relationship with a close friend is also likely to deteriorate.

The business– New offers will be received at this time in business. And the results of hard work will also be achieved. It is the appropriate time to work in economic activities like investment. There is a situation of getting some good news for government serving persons.

Love– There will be one problem in the domestic life due to which there will be some tension. But you also have to fulfill the responsibility of handling the situations, so keep trying.

Health– You will feel hormonal changes due to mental stress. Pay more attention to yoga, meditation.


Positive– Work with your mind instead of sentimentality. With which you will be able to decide well for your actions. Students can also get an excellent opportunity by completing any of their projects.

Negative– A few debates like this may arise due to the resumption of some old negative things this week. Be cooperative with children. Because your excessive curb can make them stubborn.

The business– You have to make all the decisions in partnership business. But luck is supporting you. Some good orders will give you a lot of profit. Employment people should not get involved in any kind of argument with their higher officials.

Love– Sharing everything with your life partner will solve many of your difficulties. But wrong relationships can dissolve poison in your family life, so stay away from them.

Health– Periodically keep blood pressure checks as some problems may arise due to increasing stress. Well, the health will be fine.


Positive– There will be a lot of work this week, so concentrate your attention on work by not paying attention to rest and fun. Because soon you will get auspicious results. A profitable close trip is also possible.

Negative– Do not spend time thinking more about tasks. Otherwise, some achievements can get out of hand. Also, prioritize your decision by not speaking to outsiders.

The business– Employment persons are expected to get respect and promotion by fulfilling any of their targets. All work will continue to run smoothly even in the professional field, which will keep peace in mind.

Love– Discuss any ongoing stress with life partner. Which will clear up misunderstandings. Also, there will be close relations in the relationship again.

Health– You may feel a cough, a cold. Do not be careless as it is very important to take care of yourself in the current negative situations.

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