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With nothing in mind, we should give something good to someone every day. | कुछ नहीं चाहिए इस भावना के साथ हमें प्रतिदिन किसी न किसी को कुछ न कुछ अच्छा देना चाहिए

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  • With Nothing In Mind, We Should Give Something Good To Someone Every Day.

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13 minutes ago

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Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta - Dainik Bhaskar

Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

Thinking a little, see what better you can give to any one person in a day, how well you can change it. Humans have been created, so every day we should give something good to someone. With the feeling that we don’t need anything from him.

Then see, when these people leave the world, there will be great satisfaction that while living in this world, we have given a lot to many people. It has been said that stay in the world as if everyone is ours and when you leave the world, go as if no one was there.

So every day, decide that you have to give something good to someone today. For this, first listen to him patiently. Then understand its scope and give suggestions in that area itself. Listen to him some memoirs that are inspiring, but in which our ‘I’ is announced at least.

I did it, I used to do it, I can do it. These things cannot change anyone. Whatever we have known, it may have been achieved in a difficult way, but when you tell the person about it, present it with great ease and ease. Whatever time frame is set for a day, week or month, do something good for one person.