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With Pushya Nakshatra, 7 zodiac signs can be more beneficial in transactions and investment | पुष्य नक्षत्र होने से 7 राशियों हो लेन-देन और निवेश में हो सकता है ज्यादा फायदा

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2 month ago

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  • The day will be fine for Scorpio and other 5 zodiac signs, will have to be careful

On November 7, Saturday, there will be auspicious name of Mitra by having Pushya Nakshatra Along with this, Ravi Yoga is also being created from the position of Sun-Moon. Auspicious positions of planetary constellations may be more beneficial for people with Aries, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn and Aquarius. According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, these 7 zodiacers can get more benefits than other amounts in transactions, investments and purchases. Apart from these, the day will be fine for people with Taurus, Gemini, Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces. These 5 zodiacs will benefit, but will also have to be careful.

According to astrologer Dr. Ajay Bhambi, the fruit of 12 zodiac signs

Aries – Positive Most of the work will be completed on time due to your balanced routine and positive attitude. Students are also expected to get success in interview and career related exams, so stay focused towards your studies.
Negative It is better not to waste time in vain with friends at this time. And better achieve the achievements at hand. Spending time in laziness and entertainment can lead to interruptions in the work being done.
Business Some new business orders and contracts will be received. Financial condition will also be better. But the occupation person should pay more attention to their tasks otherwise it may result in loss due to mistake.
Love- Marital life will be happy. Love relationships will also intensify.
Health- There is a possibility of injury due to falling or vehicle etc. This is the time to be very careful.
Lucky color Green, Lucky number 5

Taurus – Positive There will be a plan to carry out any work related to the house. Any valuable item from the elders will be received as a blessing. You will also feel spiritual pleasure from this. Cultural behavior of children will make the mind happy and relaxed.
Negative But keep in mind that unprovoked can be said to an outsider only. Control your anger and speech and it would be better not to interfere in the matter of others. Any goal can also come out of your hand.
Business Do not reveal your business style to anyone. And also keep away from the tendency to show off, otherwise one of your employees can leak this plan. Opponents will also be jealous of your progress.
Love- Spouse’s dedication towards home will keep the atmosphere happy. And mutual relations will also remain smooth.
Health –Due to the changing environment, fatigue and lethargy will dominate. Also pay attention to systematic routines and exercises.
Lucky color Badami, Lucky number 4

Gemini – Positive Your liberal and cooperative behavior will be a great example in social work. Your honor and respect in the society will also increase. The children will also be relaxed in the mind after seeing a focused nature towards their studies.
Negative But suddenly some important work can stop happening. Due to which tension can remain. Keep any type of money related transaction postponed today, otherwise a situation like loss may occur.
Business Do not start any new work in the field today. It would be better to pay attention to current activities only. Now the economic situation will be normal. The people serving the job will be able to carry out their work well.
Love- Marital relationship will be sweet. But a problem may arise due to an outsider, make sure to keep this thing in mind.
Health- Health will remain good. Do not worry about any kind.
Lucky color Orange, Lucky number 7

Cancer – Positive Today, there will be a special interest in hobby-related tasks, away from everyday routine. You will feel spiritual happiness by spending some time for yourself too. At this time, some new routes are also going to be paved for progress.
Negative There is a possibility of losing something important. Therefore it is very important to handle your things yourself. Keep any kind of travel postponed today, because you are not going to get any benefit.
Business In business, you will also get appropriate results according to your hard work. So use the time well. But also keep in mind that none of your confidential matter gets leaked out.
Love- The emotional relationship between the husband and wife will remain strong. Keep loving relationships restrained.
Health- You will feel weakness due to physical fatigue. Therefore, it is necessary to take proper rest from time to time.
Lucky color Green, Lucky number 5

Leo – Positive Before taking any decision today, think carefully on it, this will make the circumstances perfection in your favor. Today, there will be relief from the busy busy day. And the day will be spent in peace and peace.
Negative Do not lack any kind of respect for the elders of the house. Do not let negative thoughts flourish inside you, this can contaminate the environment of the house. Young people need more attention towards their career.
Business Spend more of your time in the workplace than focusing in marketing related work. Prioritize your plans more than the advice and intervention of others. Orders can be found for any journey in the job.
Love- Jeevansathi’s cooperation will solve many of your problems. And mutual relations will also remain cordial.
Health- Physical and mental fatigue will dominate. Therefore, spend some time in entertainment and leisure.
Lucky color rose, Lucky number 6

Virgo – Positive Today, by rethinking your routine tasks and try to improve them more, you will get positive results soon. Students being focused towards their education can also give them some achievement.
Negative Do not allow any kind of disagreement with parents and senior person, but must maintain their respect. Postpone any kind of journey today, because only negative results are expected.
Business Support of an influential person for business development and your contacts are going to be very beneficial. Job professionals can also get some redemption by getting proper results for any work done by you.
Love- Keep family life organized. Reconciliation with a person of opposite sex can cause your disgrace.
Health- To avoid stress and depression, pay more attention to meditation and yoga.
Lucky color Gray, Lucky number 9

Libra – Positive – All of your stalled work will suddenly be done with the help of a friend. Which will make you feel very relaxed. They will also be able to fulfill their obligations well. People will also be convinced of your talent.
Negative There may be confusion over anything with a neighbor. Due to which the mind will be disturbed and it will also be difficult to concentrate in its works. Court case related matters will remain complicated.
Business According to the desired achievement in production capacity in the field will be achieved. There will also be full cooperation of employees and colleagues. But there is a possibility of some kind of inquiry on government serving people, so be careful.
Love- Any good news can be received for marriageable persons. Love will increase in closeness.
Health- The changing weather can also have a negative effect on your health. There is a need to keep your routine very organized.
Lucky color Yellow, Lucky number 3

Scorpio – positive Today will be a very busy day. All your attention will be focused on your work and economic activities. And they will also be able to achieve the best results. A beautiful gift from a friend will feel heartfelt.
Negative Do not mean to interfere in the actions of others, this can also cause harm and defamation to you. In any negative situation, it would be appropriate to maintain patience and restraint instead of anger. Senior people need to be more vigilant about their health.
Business Some losses are being created in the business related to machinery, iron, etc. Work very carefully in this and do not ignore the activities of employees. Careful people should also be careful.
Love- Family atmosphere will remain cordial. And there will also be better harmony in mutual relations.
Health- Keep yourself away from stressful situations. Because it can also affect your work capacity.
Lucky color Sky, Lucky number 8

Sagittarius – Positive Your balanced behavior will be able to maintain better harmony under any circumstances. You will have a special role in solving any family-specific issue. The youth will be very happy about their career success.
Negative Instead of anger, be sensible in explaining anything wrong, otherwise only people can be against you. Be sensible rather than sentimental in money transactions. Because someone can also take advantage of you illegally.
Business Do not spoil relationships with influential people as it will also affect your business activities. At this time, every business related decision needs to be taken carefully. The era of competition is also affecting business.
Love- Married life will be happy. It is your special responsibility to maintain Discipline in the family.
Health- Drive the vehicle carefully. And also protect yourself from polluted environment like pollution.
Lucky color Blue, Lucky number 8

Capricorn – Positive– You will meet some political people, which will increase your popularity and the scope of public relations will also be expanded. You will be happy to get good career related news from your child and feel relaxed.
Negative Stay away from any type of borrowing. There can be deception in dealing with money transactions. But do not waste time thinking more about doing any work, it can also lead to some excellent achievement.
Business Decisions taken at the workplace will prove to be better and will also be successful. Spend more of your time on marketing and payment collection today. The economic situation will also be better than before.
Love- The atmosphere of the house will be disciplined and pleasant. One can get annoyed about small talk in a love affair.
Health- Health will be fine. Sometimes laziness or discomfort may be experienced.
Lucky color Saffron, Lucky number 3

Aquarius – Positive Be sure to think carefully before taking any decision, this will make the circumstances completely in your favor. Today there will be some relief from the busy busy day. A day full of peace and peace will be spent.
Negative Sometimes negative thoughts may arise in the mind, some time spent in meditation will feel relieved to a great extent. It is necessary to maintain respect and respect for the elders of the household and also take care of health.
Business From a business perspective, the day is perfect. At this time planetary transits are creating some important achievements for you. Important orders and contracts may be received. The decisions you make will prove to be better than trusting others.
Love- Married life will be beautiful. And the support of family members will also be able to solve a lot of your problems.
Health- Physical and mental fatigue will dominate. Spending some time in your interest related activities will bring happiness.
Lucky color Red, Lucky number- 9

Pisces – Positive Some important and beneficial information will be received today. Which will also be helpful in creating some important situations for you from a family and business point of view. Strengthen your relationship with friends and friends. This relationship will be helpful in your progress.
Negative But control your nature. Because sometimes your sensitivity can distract you from the goal. And it would be appropriate to keep the money related transactions from anyone.
Business Before starting any work in business activities, think carefully or seek the advice of someone. Because there is a possibility of huge loss due to wrong decision. Students can get the desired results in the departmental examination related to jobs.
Love- Your role will be very important in making family life happy. But do not waste your time in futile love affairs.
Health- Headache and heaviness will be there due to more brain work. Meditation is the best treatment.
Lucky color White, Lucky number 6