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‘Skandamata’, the fifth form of Maa Durga …

Today we are telling you about the fifth form of Navdevis under Gupta Navratri 2021. Under this, Skandamata is the 5th form of Durga Maa. It is said that fools also become knowledgeable by worshiping the form of mother. It is necessary to know here that Skanda is the name of Kartikeya, the second and six-faced son of Shiva and Parvati. In such a situation, she was named Skandamata due to Skanda’s mother. This form of Maa Durga is believed to fulfill all the wishes of her devotees and show them the path of salvation.

Nature of Skandmata: This form of mother has four arms and has held Skanda i.e. Kartikeya with the upper arm on her right side. The lower arm on the same side has a lotus flower in its hand. The upper arm on the left side has Varadmudra and below is a white lotus flower. Leo is their vehicle.

Skandmata is the presiding goddess of the sun, so the supernatural glow like a sunlight appears around them. He is also called Padmasana because he always occupies the lotus seat.

Skandmata should be worshiped with this mantra-

Thronegata Nityam, Padmashritakaravaya.
Shubhadastu Sada Devi, Skandamata Yashaswini.

That means Yashaswini Skandamata, who is riding on a lion and holding a lotus flower in her two hands, is auspicious for us.

Skandamata is known by this name as being the mother of Skanda Kumar Karthikeya. In his Deity, Lord Skanda is enthroned in His lap in Balrup. According to the belief, by worshiping them, the devotee gets salvation along with fulfilling all the wishes of the devotee. Being the presiding deity of the sun, their worshipers become supernatural, sharp and radiant. The seeker or devotee who worships the goddess by keeping the mind focused and pure does not face any difficulty in crossing Bhavsagar. Their worship facilitates the path of salvation. This goddess is the creator of consciousness. It is said that Raghuvansham epic and Meghdoot compositions composed by Kalidasa were possible only by the grace of Skandamata. This form of mother Skandmata is going to give birth to new consciousness in earthly creatures by staying on the mountains …

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