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Shardiya Navaratri is considered one of the four major festivals of the year to worship Shakti in Hinduism. Which is going to start in the next few days. In these 9-day festival, 9 forms of Goddess Mata are worshiped. In addition to Sharadiya Navaratri, one Chaitra Navaratri and two Gupta Navaratri also come in the year.

On this festival of Shakti, the devotees visit the temples of the Goddess as a worshiper of the Mother Goddess. At the same time, the philosophy of the Shakti Peethas of the Mother Goddess is considered to be very special and soon the wish will be fulfilled.

Today, just before the beginning of Sharadiya Navnathri 2020, this festival of Shakti, we are telling you about one such Shakti Peetha of Devi Maa in Uttaranchal, which is considered to be the back of Mahakali. At the same time, this place is also considered to be the place of Sati Mata’s navel fall. With this, today we will tell you that the story of the existence of these Shakti Peethas will also be told.

In connection with this very miraculous Shakti Peetha (Purnagiri / Purnagiri Mandir) located in Devbhoomi Uttarakhand, it is said that till a few years ago, it was forbidden to stay here in the evening, while the melodious music coming from here in the evening was very low and Only those few siddhas who used to be present here in the evening, but without knowing where the music comes from, it was not possible for them to reach the place of this music. At the same time, the reason for not allowing people to stay here in the evening was that in the evening, the vehicle of tiger i.e. Goddess mother used to come here.

Tiger also used to come here
According to elders, till a few years ago, a tiger (mother’s ride) used to come here in the evening, which would stop till the morning near the temple of mother. For this reason, in the past people would vacate this place as soon as evening. It is still considered taboo to go here at night. It is believed that only the gods come here at night.

Temple of Purnagiri Mata Purnagiri Mandir: Very miraculous and perfect …
Actually, the temple of Purnagiri is at an elevation of 5500 feet on the Annapurna peak. Actually, when Lord Shiva Shankar started wandering in the sky with the burnt body of Sati, the daughter of Daksha Prajapati and mother of Shiva, Lord Vishnu separated the body parts of Sati with a view to calm them by seeing the Shankara’s Tandava dance. lamps. It is said that part of the navel of Mother Sati fell here at that time.

Navel of sati: Wherever Sati’s limbs fell, Shaktipeeth was established there. In Purnagiri, the navel of Sati fell, where there is worship and worship of the Goddess’s navel.

Every year faithful pilgrims visit this Shaktipeeth and come here after suffering. This place is in the neighborhood of Nainital district and only 17 kilometers from Tanakpur in Champawat district. “Maa Vaishno Devi” Like the court of Jammu, the court of Purnagiri also attracts millions of people every year.

Millions of devotees visit Navratri
The process of devotees coming here on every Navratri continues. Generally, devotees come here not only in Navratri but also in every season. At the same time, like the Navratris of Chaitra, many devotees come here in the Navratri of Sharadutu, but the deserted way and the small donkeys that fall in it make the place of the path.

Lakhs of devotees come here with their wishes in Navratri. Due to the extraordinary crowd, there seems to be such an influx of visitors here that one has to wait a long time to have a darshan.

Dangerous path full of difficulties …
The way to reach this temple is very bitter and dangerous. Momentary carelessness can end a life by pushing you into everlasting depths. At the same time, the water of the Kali river below tomorrow creates vibrations in the heart due to the condition of the place.

Tunnas: The site of Indra’s penance …
On the way to the temple falls a place called Tunnas, it is said that Devraj Indra did penance here. Here the Trishul, etc., carved on a high peak indicates the place of power where the navel entrance of Sati fell.

Atkinson was also deeply impressed by the splendor and beauty of the Purnagiri region. He has written that “The diversity of panoramic views of Purnagiri and the splendor of natural beauty is indescribable, the universal forest wealth that nature expresses itself on this mountain peak. , Hardly any region of North and South America can overcome it, but only on the strength of recognition and faith, people can illuminate their path in this inaccessible dense forest. “

This is how you can understand the greatness of Mother Poornagiri…
Situated 19 km from Tanakpur, the gateway to the strategically important Champawat district, bordering China, Nepal and Tibet, this Shaktipeeth is one of the 108 Siddha Peethas of Maa Bhagwati.

Tanakpur town, situated on the banks of the seven-stream Sharda River, which is covered between the forested peaks on three sides and the beautiful landscape of nature, is the main stop for travelers coming to the court of Ma Purnagiri.

In this Shaktipeeth, travelers come and go throughout the year for worship, but in the Navratri of Chaitra month, the special significance of the mother’s visit increases here. The rock pinnacle of Maa Purnagiri contains many mythological stories in its past.

According to mythological legends and Shiva Purana Rudra Samhita, the navel limb of Mother Sati fell on the Annapurna Shikhar, which is known as Purnagiri and situated in all four directions of the country, Mallika Giri, Kalika Giri, Hamad Giri and Purnagiri, this holy place Purnagiri is the highest Place received.

Devi Bhagwat and Skanda Purana and Churamanagyanananav etc. also have a description of this ancient Siddha Peetha, where a Chakor revolved this Siddha Peeth thrice and sat on the throne. Here, shaving of young children is considered to be the best.

There are many stories about Kita and Kindavantiya prevalent. Some people believe that the court of Mata Purnagiri is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas of the world, so this court has its own importance, only then the solicitation sought is not incomplete. Some people say that knowing the history of Purnagiri provides information about many mysterious facts.

Trees are not cut in the navel region
This place is considered to be the back of Mahakali, Nepal is next to it. Trees of the area on which the navel region of Sati fell, are not cut. After Tanakpur, the visitors reach here only after climbing the bus to Thuligadh and after climbing Ghasi.

Understand this story here
This goddess court is counted among the Shaktipeeths of India. According to the Rudra Samhita in Shivpuran, the daughter Sati of Dash Prajapati was married to Lord Shiva. Once a yajna was organized by Daksha Prajapati in which all the Gods and Goddesses were invited, but they were not invited to insult Shiva Shankar.

Sati sacrificed her body in the Yagya Mandap because of not tolerating insult to her husband Lord Shiva Shankar. Lord Vishnu started wandering in the sky with the burnt body of Sati, Lord Vishnu separated the body parts of Sati with a view to calm them by seeing the Tandava dance of Shiva Shankar.

This is how the court of Mata Purnagiri arrived …
This Dham of Purnagiri Maiya is located in Tanakpur (Uttaranchal). Tanakpur is the nearest railway station to reach here. Apart from this, all the buses are available from Bareilly to Tanakpur.

Taxi, buses services are available throughout the day from Tanakpur taxi stand to Purnagiri Dham. The distance from Tanakpur to Purnagiri Dham is 22 kilometers.

The number of pilgrims coming to the Shakti Peeth is more than 25 lakhs throughout the year. You can reach by road or rail to come here. The nearest airport to reach by air is Adra Pantnagar. Warm clothes are necessary here in winter and light woolen clothes may be needed in summer.

Goddess Shakti Peetha: Where every part of Sati fell, there was the construction of Shaktipeeths – Story of Devi Shakti peeth Construction …

In relation to Shakti Peethas, it is believed that wherever the parts of Sati fell, Shaktipeeths were built there. Actually according to Devi Purana, once King Daksha performed a yajna. In this yajna, he invited all the gods, but did not invite Shiva and Sati.

Mother Sati came to know from Narada that a yagna is being done at her father’s place. He also insisted on Shiva’s refusal and went to Haridwar to attend the yajna of his father. On going there, when he came to know that all the gods except Shiva were invited to the yagna.

When he asked his father the reason for not calling Shiva, Daksha said derogatory things about Shiva. Those things were not tolerated by Mother Sati and she jumped into Agrikund and sacrificed her life. When this news reached Shivji, he was very angry and his third eye opened. Virabhadra beheaded Daksha at his behest.

To remove Shiva from this disconnection, Lord Vishnu divided the body of Sati Mata into several parts from the Sudarshan Chakra. It is said that wherever the parts of Sati fell, Shaktipeeths were built there. The description of 51 Shaktipeeths is found in Devi Purana.

At the same time, Devi Bhagwat has 108 Devi Gita and 72 Tantra Chudamani has 52 Shakti Peetha. After partition some Shakti Peethas have gone to other countries.