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Worshiping This Idol Of Hanuman Ji Gives You A Job – घर में इस दिशा में रखें हनुमानजी की प्रतिमा, दूर होंगी सारी समस्याएं, हो जाएंगे वारे न्यारे

One should always worship Uttamukhi and Dakshinamukhi Hanuman. It is believed that by doing this one gets blessings of all the deities…. The abode of Lord Hanuman, the supreme devotee of Shri Ram, is said to be on earth. In Hinduism, people believe Hanuman a lot. It is said that Hanuman ji gets separated from … Read more

5 Things You Should Not Buy On Saturday – शनिवार के दिन भूलकर भी खरीदकर ना लाए चीजें, बिगड़ जाएंगे बनते काम और हो जाएंगे कंगाल

Saturday is dedicated to Shani Dev and do not forget to buy oil, salt, black sesame and scissors on this day. Otherwise the work being done will be spoiled …! On Saturday, people offer oil to Lord Shani Dev by worshiping them so that their suffering can be removed. But do you know that on … Read more

Keep These Things In Mind While Offering Water To Sun – सूर्य को जल चढ़ाते समय लोटे में डाल ये एक चीज, जल्द से जल्द पूरी हो जाएंगी हर मनोकामना

Everyday people offer water to the Sun God, but few people are able to offer arghya properly. In this article, know that while offering water to the sun, three drops of Yamuna water should be added to the lotus. This fulfills your every wish ..! It is said that in a person’s horoscope, the sun … Read more

Devotees will be absorbed in devotion to Lord Shiva for three days from today : it’s effect on shanidev

Devotion of Mahadev in the month of Shri Krishna… According to the Hindu calendar, the ninth month of the year is called Aghan. Aghan month is also known as Margashirsha, it is currently going on. Lord Krishna is worshiped in this form in many forms and with many names. Margashirsha is also considered to be … Read more