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How to get blessings of hanuman ji and how to make happy and please lord Bajrangbali

Your luck will shine …

Everyone wants all his spoiled work. People do many types of puja to make their bad works, besides going to temples, keep a fast and sometimes even consult the Pandits.

On the other hand, if we believe in religious texts, then there are 12 names of Hanuman ji, whose chanting shines. This mantra should be chanted everyday before bedtime and after getting up. According to belief, chanting these names shines luck. These are the names that should be chanted before bedtime and after waking up.

Hanuman Anjanisunurvaiputro Mahabal:.
Ramesht: Falgunasakh: Pingaksho Amit Vikram: …
Udadhikramanascheva Sitashokavinashan:.
Lakshmanpranadata f Dasagrivasya darpaha.
And Twelfth Namani Kapindrasya Mahatman :.
Swapkale Prabodhe f Yatrakale Cha Yaya: Pathet.
Tasya Sarvabhay Nasti Rane Cha Vijayi Bhavet.
Rajdwara Gahvare f Bhayan Nasti Kadachan.

Lakshmanpradanata- Lakshman fainted in the war with Ravana, after which Hanuman ji brought Sanjeevani Booti from Himalaya for Sri Rama’s brother Lakshman. Laxman’s life was saved due to Sanjeevani herb. For this reason, Hanuman ji is also called Lakshmanpranadata.

Romest- Hanuman ji was beloved of Lord Rama, due to which he is also known as Rameshta. It is found in many religious texts that Shri Ram considered Hanuman as his favorite.

Sitashokvination- It means the one who removes sorrows. Hanumanji got this name because of relieving the sufferings of Mother Sita.

Amitvikram – It is written in religious texts that Hanuman ji did many such things which were not easy for the gods to do. It is also called Amitvikram because of the work of Hanuman ji.

Anjanisut- Hanuman ji’s mother’s name was Anjani, due to which Hanuman ji is called Anjanisut and Anjani son.

Mahabal- According to religious texts, Hanuman ji has been very powerful, due to which there is no limit to his strength. That is why he is also called Mahabal.