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aaj ka jeevan mantra by pandit vijayshankar mehta, life management tips about happiness, motivational story about kabirdas, kabirdas story | जिस व्यक्ति के मन में गलत विचार हैं, उस पर अच्छी बातों का असर नहीं होता

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3 days ago

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story – This is an incident related to Kabir Das ji. One day a rich person reached him. He said, ‘I hear daily in your discourse that saints should be compatible. Today I have come to you. I want to take the mantra named Ram, but I have a request, I am a businessman and earn something every moment. This is my shop time. Because of this I cannot sit with you for much longer. Give me the mantra quickly, I will leave immediately. ‘

Kabirdas ji thought for some time and giving one rupee to the merchant said, ‘First you bring one rupee milk from the market.’

The businessman thought what a strange person, I am asking for a mantra from him and he is asking for milk from me. Thinking he brought milk.

As soon as the merchant reached Kabirdas Ji with milk, he put a dirty pot in front of him and said, ‘Put this milk in it.’

The businessman got angry after seeing the dirty dishes. He said, ‘I have brought milk for you, you are speaking to put it in the dirty pot. This way the milk will become dirty. It will not even be worth drinking. ‘

Kabirdas ji said, ‘It is absolutely right. This is what I want to explain to you. You are asking for mantra, but now your mind is full of evils like greed, fascination, anger, pride. How can I give you the mantra in the face of these evils. You have to clean the vessel of your mind first, only then I can add milk in the form of Ram Naam Mantra. ‘

Learning Whenever we go to do a good work, first of all we should remove all the bad thoughts from our mind. Even if we do good work with wrong ideas, then soon after, our truth will be revealed to the people that our ideas are wrong. We should keep the mind pure. Only then can peace and success be found.