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The day of Lord Shiv- know the Vrat vidhi,Rules,Aarti and Katha

Monday is dedicated to the devotion of Lord Shiva in Hinduism traditions. Although Shiva devotion is auspicious every day, every moment, but on Monday, Shiva worship is considered to be of special importance. According to the belief, worshiping Lord Shiva on Monday gives you the desired results.

According to Narada Purana, a person should wake up early in the morning and take a bath during a Monday fast. If possible, go to the temple of Lord Shiva on the day of fasting and offer water and milk on the Shivling. After that vow to keep fast.

Worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati in the morning and evening during the day. While worshiping on this day, definitely listen to the fast story, because without it the fast is not considered complete. Open the fast after worship in the evening. According to the scriptures, by keeping fast for three hours during the Sawan Monday fast, then the fast should be opened, that is, it should be eaten only at one time.

Lord Shiv puja day is Monday

Law and rules on Monday fast: –
There are three types of fasting on Mondays – Ordinary per Monday, Somya Pradosh and sixteen Mondays – the method is the same for all three. The fast of Monday is usually till the third hour of the day. There is no special rule of fasting or parana in the fast. Eat only one time during the day and night. Parvati should be worshiped on this fast. The story must be heard after worshiping Shiva.

Monday Vrat Aarti:
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Lord Shiv puja day is Monday

Monday fast story:
A wealthy businessman lived in a city. His business was spread far and wide. Everyone respected the businessman in the city. The businessman was very sad even though he had no son. In such a situation, he used to worry about the same all the time, who would handle such a big business and wealth after his death.

He used to fast and worship Lord Shiva every Monday with the desire of getting a merchant son. The merchant used to light a lamp of ghee in front of Lord Shiva in the evening in the Shiva temple. One day Mata Parvati seeing the merchant’s devotion said to Lord Shiva – ‘O Prannath, this merchant is your true devotee.

For how long it has been regularizing the fast and worship of Monday. God, you must fulfill the wishes of this businessman. ‘ On this, Lord Shiva said with a smile – ‘O Parvati! In this world, everyone gets fruit according to his karma. The way a creature acts, he gets the same result. ‘

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Despite this, Parvati did not believe. He urged and said- ‘No Prannath! You will have to fulfil this merchant’s ambition. This is your exclusive devotee. Every Monday you duly fast and after the puja-archana, offer food to you for a time by offering it as an offering to you. You have to give it a boon to get a son. ‘

Seeing this much request of Parvati, Lord Shiva said- ‘On your request, I give this merchant the gift of getting a son. But his son will not live beyond 16 years. ‘ The same night, Lord Shiva appeared to the merchant in a dream and gave him the boon of getting a son and also told his son to survive for 16 years.

The merchant was pleased with the blessing of God, but the worry of the young age of the son destroyed that happiness. The merchant continued to observe Monday duly as before. A few months later a beautiful son was born to her. The son was born happy in the businessman’s house.

The son-birth ceremony was celebrated with great pomp. The businessman was not much happy about the birth of the son as he knew the secret of the son’s young age. No one knew this secret in the house. When the son was 12 years old, it was decided to send him to Varanasi for education. The businessman called the son’s maternal uncle and asked him to leave Varanasi to get education.

The boy went to get education with his maternal uncle. On the way, wherever the maternal uncle and nephew stayed for the night, there were sacrifices and food for the Brahmins. After a long journey Mama and Bhanja arrive in a city.

The entire city was decorated in the joy of the marriage of the daughter of the king of that city. The wedding procession arrived at a certain time, but the groom’s father was very worried because his son had one eye. He was afraid that if the king came to know about this, he should not refuse the marriage. This will bring disrepute to him. When the groom’s father saw the boy of the businessman, an idea came to his mind.

He thought why not make this boy a bride and marry the princess. After marriage, I will give it away and give it money and take the princess to my city. The groom’s father talked to the boy’s maternal uncle in this regard.

Mama accepted the talk of the groom’s father in the greed to get the money. The boy was married to the princess wearing the groom’s clothes. The king gave away a lot of money to the princess. When the boy was returning, he could not hide the truth and he wrote on the princess’s veil – ‘Princess, you were married to me, I am going to get education in Varanasi. Now the young man you will have to become a wife is Kana. ‘When the princess read what she had written on her tresses, she refused to go with the boy.

The king knowing everything and kept the princess in the palace. On the other hand, the boy reached Varanasi with his maternal uncle. Started studying in the Gurukul. When he completed the age of 16, he performed a yajna. At the end of the yagna, the Brahmins were fed food and donated a lot of food and clothing.

Fell asleep in his bedroom at night. According to Shiva’s boon, his life and body flew away at his death. On sunrise, Uncle started crying and seeing the nephew dead. People from all around also gathered and started expressing sorrow. Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati also listened while passing near the maternal uncle’s cry, mourning.

Parvatiji said to God- ‘Prannath! I can not bear the cry of its cry. You must remove the suffering of this person. ‘When Lord Shiva approached with Parvati ji in an invisible form, he said to Parvati ji -‘ Parvati! He is the son of the same businessman. I gave it a boon at the age of 16.

Its age is over. ‘Parvati ji then requested Lord Shiva -‘ O Prannath! You make this boy alive. Otherwise, its parents will cry and cry for life due to the death of the son.

The father of this boy is your supreme devotee. Fasting on Mondays for years has been indulging you. At the insistence of Parvati, Lord Shiva gave the boy the boon of being alive and in a few moments he came alive and got up.

After finishing education, the boy went to his city with his maternal uncle. The two walk to the same city where he was married. In that town too, a sacrificial ritual was conducted. The king of the city, passing through, saw the ceremony of the yajna.

The king immediately recognized him. At the end of the yagna, the king took maternal uncle Bhanja to the palace and for a few days kept him in the palace and gave him a lot of money, clothes, and left the princess.

On the way, the king sent many soldiers along for protection. On reaching the city, a messenger was sent home and sent information about his arrival. The businessman was very pleased at the news that his son had returned alive.

Hungry and thirsty, the merchant and his wife were waiting for their son. He had pledged that if he got the news of his son’s death, both of them would give up their lives. The merchant arrived at the city gate with his wife and friends. Hearing the news of her son’s marriage, she was not happy to see the daughter-in-law’s princess.

The same night Lord Shiva came in the dream of the merchant and said- ‘O bestower! I have given a long life to your son, happy with your Monday fast and listening to the fast. Businessman was very happy.

The fast was returned to the businessman’s house on Monday. It is written in the scriptures that all the wishes of men and women who duly fast on Monday and listen to the fast are fulfilled.