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Shubh Muhurat Pradosh Vrat 2021 on 09 february 2021, Pradosh Vrat Puja vidhi, Importance of pradosh and prayer of Lord Shiv

In Sanatan Dharma, there is a description of many types of gods and goddesses. But in this also, the most prominent are Adi Panch Dev, in which Shri Ganesh ji, Lord Vishnu, Mother Durga and Devadhidev Mahadev i.e. Shiva Shankar. Devadhidev Mahadev i.e. Shiva Shankar is considered to be the god of destruction, while on the other hand, he is considered to be a very easily pleased God, that is why he is also called Bholenath.

Lord Shiva’s day in the week is considered as Monday. At the same time, about 24 Pradosh Pradosh Vrat and 12 monthly Shivaratri days coming in the year are also considered very special for their worship. In such a situation, Pradosh (Bhoom Pradosh Vrat (Krishna)) is falling on 9 February.

This Pradosh Pradosh falling on Tuesday is known as Bhumapradosh Pradosh Vrat 2021. As such, the day of Monday is dedicated to Lord Shiva Shankar and on this day Mahadev ji is worshiped with complete law. On this day, due to Pradosh Vrat 2021, Pradosh Vrat on Tuesday, Shiva devotees will be able to take advantage of the worship of their Aaradhdev for two days. And on the same day, with Bhoom Pradosh Vrat Pradosh Vrat 2021 on Tuesday, the devotees will get the blessings of Hanuman ji with Lord Shiva involuntarily.

Pradosh Vrat 2021 on 09 february 2021

This fast is known as Pradosh Vrat Pradosh Vrat in North India and Pradosham in South India. Lord Shiva is praised in the fast. If we believe in beliefs, Pradosh Vrat on Friday is more fruitful.

Bhaum Pradosh Vrat: Pradosh Vrat 2021
It is believed that by fasting on this day and worshiping Lord Shiva, all the sins of the devotees are washed away. Pradosh Vrat 2021 is kept on Trayodashi date of every month. According to the Hindu calendar, the time when this fast falls on Tuesday, it is called Bhoom Pradosh Vrat Pradosh Vrat 2021. In the month of February, this fast will be observed on the 9th.

Bhoom Pradosh Vrat 2021 auspicious time … Pradosh Vrat 2021 shubh muhurat
– Bhoom Pradosh Vrat Pradosh Vrat 2021 Date 2021: 09 February 2021
– Auspicious time of worship in Pradosh Kaal Pradosh Vrat 2021 – On February 9, 2021, starting from 06 to 03 minutes in the evening, till 08 at 40 in the night
– Magha month Krishna Trayodashi begins – 9 February 2021 days Tuesday morning 03 to 19 minutes
– Krishna Trayodashi ends – 10 February 2021 on Wednesday morning at 02:05

Pradosh Vrat 2021: The fruits of Bhaum Pradosh Vrat …
By observing fast on the day of Bhoom Pradosh Pradosh Vrat 2021 one gets rid of all kinds of diseases and health problems are not there. By observing this fast on Wednesday, every kind of desire is proved.

Apart from this, if you want to get rid of debt, for this, read Hanuman Chalisa in front of Hanuman ji on the evening of Bhaum Pradosh Vrat Pradosh Vrat 2021. This proves very beneficial for debt relief. After reciting the chalisa, offer the boon laddu to Lord Hanuman and then distribute the prasad.

At this time, for the relief of debt, Bhoom Pradosh should burn a nine-spoke lamp of ghee in front of Hanuman ji Hanuman ji at night and pray for debt relief. It is believed that by the grace of Hanuman ji, soon one gets freedom from debt. Apart from this, 21 or 108 names of Mangaldev should be chanted on Bhaum Pradosh date to get rid of debt. It is believed that doing so gets rid of debt very quickly.

Worship of Lord Shiva is incomplete without Belpatra: Lord shiv Puja
Lord Shiva offers hemp, dhatura and belpatra to please Lord Shiv. According to the belief, Lord Shiva is pleased by offering Belpatra on the Shivling and his worship without Belpatra is considered incomplete. So let’s know about the importance of Belpatra and why Lord Shiva loves Belpatra …

Importance of Bellet
Bel leaves are called Belpatras. Three leaves are attached together in a bellpaper, but it is counted as one leaf. Lord Shiva is pleased by offering Belapatra. It is believed that all wishes are fulfilled by offering it to Lord Bholenath. Worshiping Lord Shiva without offering a belpatra is considered incomplete.

Pradosh Vrat: Pradosh Vrat
This fast is mainly dedicated to Shiva and Shakti. This fast falls on the Trayodashi date of Shukla and Krishna Paksha. There are a total of 24 Pradosh fasts in the year. Pradosh is fast according to each war. There are seven fasts for seven vars. The validation of Pradosh Vrat and its fruit changes according to Var.

Importance : Mahadev and Goddess Parvati are worshiped in Pradosh Vrat Pradosh Vrat. The importance of fasting is described in detail in Skanda Purana. The seeker follows Pradosh Vrat to attain all kinds of happiness in his life. Both men and women can observe this fast. It is believed that by observing this fast, Lord Shiva’s grace is seen on the seeker. The seeker is freed from his sinful deeds.

Pradosh Vrat Puja Vidhi: Pradosh Vrat Puja vidhi
Pradosh Vrat is the most suitable time for Pradosh Vrat pujan worship. Before worshiping, the sadhak should take bath and wear a clean white colored cloth. After this go to the temple of Lord Shiva. If you cannot go to the temple, then this worshiper can also do this at home. Now you anoint Shiva and offer him a bel letter. After this, worship Om Namah Shivaya with incense sticks and incense. After the chanting is complete, the seeker should listen or recite the Pradosh Vrat Katha. After it is done, distribute Aarti and Prasad among the people. Then make a ritual and worship the Lord Shiva the next day and open the fast.

Keep these things in mind while offering the ballot …
: Three leaves should be attached together in a bellpaper, if there is two or one leaf in a bellpaper, it is not considered a bellpaper.
: The leaves should not be cut from anywhere, there should not be any hole in any leaf.
: Offer a bellpaper from the smooth side to God and offer a stream of water.
: Belpare should not be offered without water.

Bailpaper offers spoiled work

: It is said that many times, all the troubles are cured by offering Belpatra to Lord Shiva to make things worse.

: Many times there is a problem in marriage without wanting, there can be many reasons behind it. It is believed that if you can get rid of this problem by using Belpatra.

Bellapatra uses timely marriage…
For this, you have to write Ram with sandalwood on 108 Belpatras. Apart from this, you offer a bell-sheet on the Shivling, saying ‘Nam Nam: Shivaya’.

On the other hand, if you are struggling with a serious illness, then immerse 108 Belpatras in sandalwood perfume and offer them to the Shivling. Chant its mantra and pray for its recovery. It is believed that by doing this, healing is achieved.

Lord Shiv Puja / Aarti: Worship / Aarti of Lord Shiva


Shri Ganesh Girija Suwan, Mangal Mool Sujan.

Say, Ayodhyadas, you boon dehu Abhay

Shiva Chalisa:

Jai Girija husband Deen Dayala. Perpetual children forever

Bhal Moon Sohat neeke. Kanan Kundal hawthorn ki 4

Ang Gaur Shir Gang Bahey Mundamal tan tan

Textile skins are soaked. Nag Muni Mohe looking at the image

The Darling of Mother Maina. Balm organ soht image nyari॥

Kara trishul sohat image heavy. Doing everlasting enemies

How is Nandi Ganesh Sohai Sagar is the middle lotus like॥

Karthik Shyam and Ganrau. Or the image is not called

Devan called whenever he went. Only then, Lord, you suffer.

The infestation asterisk heavy. Devan sub mili tumhin juhari॥

Quick plot you read Lavnimesh Mahi Mari Girayu

You Jalandhar Asura Sanhara. Suyyash tumhar vidit sansara

Tripurasura Sun war broke out. I saved everything by kindness

He did the heavyweight Bhagirath. Purab pledge Tasu purari

Danin mahan tum sum ko ko na May the servant always praise

The Veda was sung with glory. Unstoppable distinction could not be found.

Jwala in the revealed vertical churn. Jare Surasur Bhaye Vihala॥

Keenh Mercy teh kahi kahi hai Neelkanth then called the name॥

Pujan Ramchandra when Kinha. Jeet ke Lank Vibhishan Dinha॥

Sahas are being held in lotus stripe. What is the exam

A lotus lord Rakheu Joi. Kamal Nayan Poojan Chahan Soi॥

Lord Shankar saw tough devotion. Dear, pleased, desired groom

Jai Jai Jai Anant Indestructible. All kind of people

Evil gross Don’t be confused, I don’t have peace

Call me Nath. This is the opportunity to salvation

Le Trishul kill the enemy. Get rid of trouble

Matu father brother No one asks in trouble

The master is your hope. Income crisis now heavy crisis

Never give money to poor people. Whoever checks can get the fruit.

Ashtuti should do the method for you. Kshamhu Nath now missed our॥

Shankar ho crisis. Trouble due to Mars

Yogi Yeti Muni is a meditator. Narada Sharad Sheesh Nawawan

Namo Namo Jai Namo Shivaay. Sur cosmic cross

Whoever read this brought to mind. Shambhu sahai is crossed

Aniya whoever is the officer. If you read this, then you have lost your Holiness.

Willing to do inferiority of son Surely Shiva Prasad Tehi Hoi

Bring Pandit Triodashi. Home should be done carefully.

May Trayodashi always live. Kalesha is not looking at her body

Offer Dhoop Deep Naivedya. Shankar recites the text before him.

Birth should not be the sin of birth. Get shelter in Shivpur.

Say that Ayodhya is yours. Dear Grief Sorrow


In the morning, recite Chalisa after doing Nittam.

You fulfill my wish, Jagdish 4

Magasar sixth Hemant ॠu, Samvat sixty four lives.

Astuti Chalisa Shivhi, Purna Keen Kalyan