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11 hours agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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story – A son was born to Lord Krishna and Rukmini, he was named Pradyumna. When Pradyuman was ten days old, a demon named Shambarasur kidnapped the child and threw him into the sea.

Shambarasur considered Sri Krishna the greatest enemy. That is why he tried to kill Shri Krishna’s son. Sri Krishna and Rukmini were very upset because of their ten day old son. All were searching for Pradyumna, but they were not getting any news from anywhere.

Sri Krishna explained to Rukmini that we have to be patient. This is our test hour. Sri Krishna also had to work as a king. He was also doing all the work of household and family and was also searching for Pradyumna.

When Shambarasur threw the child into the sea, a big fish swallowed it. Incidentally, the same fish got trapped in the net of people connected to Shambarasura’s kitchen. When the fish was bitten in the kitchen, the child came out of it. At that time, a woman named Mayawati worked in the kitchen. He kept the child with him.

Mayawati was Rati, the wife of Kamadeva. When Shivji consumed Kamdev, Rati asked Shivji when my husband would get the body back. Then Shiva said that Kamadeva would be born as the son of Shri Krishna. When Mayawati saw that child, she understood that she is my husband Cupid.

After this, when Pradyumna grew up, she killed Shambarasur and returned to Sri Krishna with Mayawati.

Learning The lesson of this story is that in life, there is a flow of happiness and sorrow. That is why, when times are difficult, one should not sit in despair. Follow your obligations related to home, family and society and should also bear your sufferings.