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aaj ka jeevan mantra by pandit vijayshankar mehta, significance of the truth, facts about raja dashrath | हमेशा सच बोलना चाहिए, ये बात तो सभी जानते हैं, लेकिन इसका पालन करना आसान नहीं

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18 minutes agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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  • King Dasaratha abandoned Rama for Satya, while Vasudeva left Sathya and saved the son.

story- One day at the time of Ramayana, Vashistha Rishi told Bharata that there has been no other truthist like your father King Dasaratha nor will it ever happen in future.

In this regard, today’s scholars discuss why Vasistha said this? Was only King Dashrath truthful? Or was he the father of Sriram so he is considered truthful? So was not Krishna’s father Vasudev a Satyavadi?

There is a reason why Vashistha described King Dasharatha as the greatest truthist. Great determination is required for truth in life. The situation in front of King Dasaratha was that if he had saved Satya, Ram would have gone to exile and if he had saved Ram, his Satyavrat would have broken. At that time Dasaratha saved Satya and sent Rama to exile.

A similar situation was also created with Vasudev. Vasudev had promised Kamsa that we will hand over our eight children to you. But, when the eighth child was born, he left the child from Mathura to Gokul. Here Vasudeva saved Krishna, but left Satya.

Dasaratha is considered great because he saved the truth and gave up his life in the son of separation. For us, to give up our lives, does not mean that we too should end our life for the truth, but to save the truth, we must give full strength.

Learning If we want to follow the truth then this work is not easy. If we want to follow Satyavrata, determination is necessary for us. Truth cannot be saved from a lot of struggle, for this we need to exert full force.