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aaj ka jeevan mantra by pandit vijayshankar mehta, story of baiju bawara, motivational story for teacher and student | गुरु को उदार होना चाहिए, शिष्य को गलतियों को सुधारें और उन्हें क्षमा करें

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2 hours agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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story – In the 16th century, Baiju Bawra was a proven singer and master of music. One of his disciples was Gopal Nayak. He was also very qualified. He took full education of music from his mentor. Baiju Bawra was also very impressed with his ability.

When the education of Gopal Nayak was completed, Baiju Bawra said, ‘Never misuse your art. Keep this in mind always.

On the basis of merit, Gopal Nayak was appointed as the chief musician of the court by the emperor of Delhi. Gopal Nayak became proud as soon as his skill and position came. He told the emperor, “Whenever someone will compete with me in music and whoever loses, you get his head beheaded.”

Emperor Gopal was very much influenced by Nayak. That is why he also agreed to this. This went on for a long time. When Baiju Bawra came to know about this, he sent a message to Gopal Nayak, ‘Whatever you are doing, it melts. It is not at all right to commit violence in the name of art like music.

Even after receiving the message of Guru Baiju Bawra, Gopal was not considered a hero. Then one day Baiju Bawra himself reached the Emperor’s court and asked to confront Gopal Nayak.

Due to arrogance, Gopal Nayak confronted his mentor and a fight ensued between the two. The whole court was full of people. The emperors were also watching the contest between the guru and the disciple. Shortly after Baiju Bawra defeated Gopal Nayak.

According to the pre-decided rule, now Gopal Nayak had to be beheaded. Then Baiju Bawra said to the emperor, ‘If you want to reward me, then forgive my disciple. Do not give him the death penalty. ‘

The emperor obeyed Baiju Bawra and liberated Gopal Nayak. After this Gopal Nayak understood the greatness of the Guru.

Learning – We have learned two lessons from this story. First, the guru should be very generous. Correct the mistakes of the disciple and forgive the disciple. Second, whenever there is any skill, do not misuse it, do not boast.

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