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How to get desired blessings from Laddu Gopal tips are here

– If Laddu Gopal ji is in your house, then take special care of these things…

People establish Laddu Gopal in their homes. Laddu Gopal’s house is considered auspicious mainly on the auspicious occasion of Janmashtami. Setting in the temple of Laddu Gopal Ghar brings prosperity, wealth and prosperity along with prosperity in the house.

But do you know that if there is Laddoo Gopal ji in your house, then you have to take special care of some things. If you are not aware about this, then today we are telling you about those 16 rules which have special attention. It is very important to keep

1. First of all, it is very important to keep in mind that whatever house Laddoo Gopal ji enters, that house becomes of Laddoo Gopal ji, so my house should be finished from the heart, now that Laddoo Gopal ji’s house is.

2. Another special thing is that Laddoo Gopal ji is now a member of your family, the truth is that now your family is Laddoo Gopal ji’s family. Therefore, Laddu Gopal ji should be given the place of a respected member of the family.

3. According to the needs of the family member, every need of Laddu Gopal ji should be taken care of.

4. One special thing is that Laddu Gopal ji is hungry for your love and your feelings, not of any particular tam jhaam, so the amount of love that is offered to him is as much as your own.

5. Make sure to bathe Laddoo every morning in the morning, but to take a bath, take special care that the way a member of the house bathes with warm water in winter and cold water in summer, similarly Laddoo should take bath of Gopal ji. Select water according to the weather. Wear clean clothes every day after bathing.

6. Just as you feel hungry, similarly Laddu Gopal also feels hungry, so take care of his food, in addition to food, take care of morning breakfast and evening tea breakfast etc.

7. Laddu Gopal ji must have a part in any food item in the house.

8. According to each season, Laddu Gopal ji should be provided with protection from the cold heat, clothes should be worn according to the weather.

9. Laddu Gopal ji is very fond of toys, must bring toys for him and play with him.

10. From time to time, Laddu must also take Gopal ji out.

11. Laddoo must have some connection with Gopal ji, no matter who he is, brother, son, friend, guru, etc., whatever natta made from Laddoo Gopal ji, follow him with love and loyalty.

12. Do give a lovely name to your laddu Gopal ji.

13. Talk to Laddu Gopal lovingly, play with him like you feed a member of the household, similarly feed them with love. First make Laddoo Gopal a meal and after that eat it yourself.

14. Make Laddu Gopal sleeping every night in the night, just as a small child is put to sleep with love, in the same way let him sleep, pat, tell lullabies.

15. Wake them every morning by lovingly calling.

16. With the entry of any house, Laddoo Gopal ji gets his life, so treat him as a member of the house and not treat him as a mere symbol.

Although there are many other things that devotees do according to their reverence, but if these things are taken care of, then Laddu Gopal ji can be easily pleased.