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aaj ka jeevan mantra by pandit vijayshankar mehta, story of gurunanak dev, motivation, prerak prasang about good works | कैसे भी कपड़े पहनकर, किसी भी घर में और कोई भी काम करते हुए साधु जैसे कर्म किए जा सकते हैं

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2 hours ago

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story – Whenever a person asked some questions to Guru Nanak Devji, he used to answer in a very poetic manner. To understand their answers one had to think very deeply about their point.

One day Gurunanak was roaming in Panipat. At that time there was also a famous Fakir Shah Sharf. The clothes that Gurunanak wore were exactly like those of householders. He did not think that he was a monk after seeing him.

Fakir Shah Sharf looked at Nanakji and said, ‘You are a monk, but you did not turn your hair like a monk?’

Guru Nanak said, “The mind needs to turn, not the head.”

The fakir was surprised to hear this answer. He then asked, ‘What is your caste?’

Nanakji said, ‘The caste of fire and air is mine. These two do not make any distinction.

Fakir asked some more similar questions and Nanakji also gave his answers in a very interesting manner.

Finally the fakir kissed Nanakji’s hand and said, ‘You are the true fakir.’

Nanak said, ‘I want people to adopt saintliness through conduct and not cover. To be a monk means to live together in mind, speech and action. If a person decides that I want to embody saintliness within me, to follow the path of truth, to live respecting others, then for all these things, he does not need to be dressed as a saint. Sage-like behavior can be adopted in any house, in any clothes and while doing any work. It ends the show. ‘

Learning – Many people make a lot of costumes, lots of posts, lots of recognition just to show off. This can deceive ordinary people, but God sees karma, not performance of karma.

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