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aaj ka jeevan mantra by pandit vijayshankar mehta, story of ved vyas, story about rebirth, life management tips in hindi | सुख-दुख का विचार छोड़कर सिर्फ काम पर ध्यान लगाना चाहिए, अधर्म करने से बचें

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A minute agoAuthor: Pt. Vijayshankar Mehta

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story – There are many stories about rebirth in the scriptures. It is believed that the fruits of our good and bad actions are found not only in this life, but also in the next lives. In this regard, Veda is a legend associated with Vyasa.

One of the characteristics of Ved Vyas was that he knew which organism would live and what would become in the next life. They also knew the language of all living beings.

One day when he was going somewhere, he saw a worm running very fast. Ved Vyasji asked insects in his language, ‘Where are you running? Scared or running to get something? Why are you running so fast? ‘

The worm was surprised to see that these sages are speaking my language. He said, ‘A bullock cart is coming towards me fast. I am afraid that it will crush me, so I am running to save my life.

Vyasji said, ‘If you are in this vagina in the same way then why are you afraid of dying, if death happens, you will get freedom from this vagina. A good vagina will be found in the next birth. ‘

The worm said, ‘I am not afraid of death. If I have died, I will have to take birth again, do not know which vagina will be born next time, what will I do if I get a bad vaginal birth? I have to go to someone’s womb again, I am upset about this. ‘

Vyasji was impressed by the words of that insect. He said, ‘You don’t worry. I will deliver you to the Brahmin’s body in the next births. As long as you get the body of a Brahmin, by the time you go to the vagrants, I will also get your salvation from there. I will take care of you so much. ‘

Vyasji’s words removed the fear of insects and shortly after, the wheel of the car crushed the insects. After this, he became a crow in the next vagina. Then became jackal. Likewise, the worm reached different births for many births on the basis of Vyasji, taking many forms. Sometimes it became an animal, sometimes it became a bird. Every time Vyasji got him liberated. Once a man was born and became a Vaishya, followed by a Kshatriya. Then he reached the Brahmin’s vagina.

When the child was five years old after being born in a Brahmin’s house, Vyasji reached him and chanted a mantra in his ear. With the effect of the mantra, that child remembered all the texts, he became knowledgeable. Vyasji said to that child, ‘Now you have to do one thing. Here a person named Nandabhadra is doing penance in Kartikeya region. He wants to know why sinful people get happiness? ‘

After this, the Brahmin child reached Nandabhadra. Nandabhadra was very upset. The child said to him, ‘People who have donated with tamas in previous lives also get fruits. Even though they are sinners in this birth, they are getting the fruits of good deeds in previous lives. Even if you have done charity and charity in any sense, but you have done good work. That is why they are getting happiness in this birth. ‘

Hearing these things, Nandbhadra’s troubles were reduced. The child said, ‘I have taken so many births, then when I met a guru like Vyasji, I got well and today I am a learned Brahmin. You do good deeds in the present, make someone a guru. You will also be benefited. Hearing this, all the problems of Nandabhadra were overcome. After this, this Brahmin boy became a great sage named Maitreya in the next life.

Learning – We should also focus on good deeds in this birth. According to the scriptures, the happiness and sorrows we get depends on the deeds of previous lives, but what we will get in the future, it depends on the deeds of this birth. That is why help the needy people. If you continue to do charity and charity, there will be peace and happiness in life.

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