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Avantika city : The city of of lord shiva with lots of mystery

The country has many temples of Lord Shiva Shankar like this. At the same time, Lord Shiva is also known as Mahadev. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you something special about the city of Avantika, which is called the city of Lord Shiva, Lord of Gods, Ujjain, many of which may not even be known to many of you. Actually the city of Mahadev / Mahakal, Avantika city i.e. Ujjain is very amazing in itself. Nestled on the banks of the Shipra River and adorned with temples, this city has been known as the city of Mahakal for centuries.

This city was also known in ancient times by the names Ujjayini and Avantika. The greatness of the Avanti region is described in the Avantkhanda of Skanda Purana. The Angareshwar temple in Ujjain is considered to be the birthplace of Mars, and the Tropic of Cancer also passes through here. Ujjain in Madhya Pradesh is an ancient city located on the banks of the Shipra River and is famous for major fairs like Shivaratri, Kumbh and Ardh Kumbh. In ancient times this city is also known as Ujjayini “Ujjayini” means a glorious conqueror. Ujjain is the center of religious activities and mainly attracts tourists from all over the country for its famous ancient temples.

For thousands of millions of years, the city of Ujjain may have been known by many names like Avantika or Kankashrunga or Kushasthali or Bhogasthali or Amravati. But despite all these names, it was always called the city of Mahakal. There are 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva across the country, one of them sits in the Mahakaleshwar temple of Ujjain as Mahakal, it is the only Jyotirlinga in the world which is south facing. It is believed that the south direction is the direction of death i.e. Kaal and the time to subdue Kaal is Mahakal.

Lord Yamraj is the lord of the south direction. With the mere sight of Dakshinmukhi Jyotirlinga, life becomes a heaven only, even after death one gets freedom from the punishment of Yamraj. Mahakaleshwar occupies a prominent place in Dwadash Jyotirlingas due to being south facing, there are many mantras chanting water, consecration and worship in Mahakaleshwar temple. Mahamrityunjaya chanting is also done in Mahakaleshwar. Mahakaleshwar Temple is situated in a huge complex, where there are small temples of many deities. One has to travel a distance from the main gate to the sanctum sanctorum to enter the temple. There are many paved descents in this route, but due to the wide route, the pilgrims do not have much trouble. There are paved staircases to enter the sanctum sanctorum.

The center of the sky and the center of the earth: from where the time of the entire universe is determined …
All the mysteries about this land of Mahakal i.e. Ujjain still exist. It is said that Ujjain is the center of the entire sky, that is, the center of the sky here. Also, Ujjain is also the center of the Earth, that is, here is the place from which the time of the entire universe is determined. It is from this place that the universe is counted, as well as the center of time, this earth is also called the land of Mahakal. The glory of Mahakal is also described in this way –

Akash Tarak Lingam Patale Hatkeshwaram.
Bhuloke cha mahakalo lindgatraya namostu te.

This means that the Taraka Linga in the sky, the Hatakeshwar-linga in the Hades and Mahakaleshwar on the earth are the only valid Shivalingas.

According to the belief, Mahakal is the ruler of Prithvi Lok, as well as the presidency of the three worlds and the whole world. In many religious texts such as the scriptures and Puranas, they are mentioned in such a way that time, time limit and time division are born from them and it is also determined by them. This means that the cycle of time runs from Ujjain itself, all the cycles in the entire universe start from here. Then, whether the earth revolves on its axis, the moon revolves around the earth, the earth revolves around the sun, or there is some kind of cycle in the sky, all these actions are done by considering Mahakal as a witness.

According to the 22nd chapter of Shiva Mahapuran, Lord Shiva appeared in Ujjain in the form of Jyoti to protect the devotees from a monster. Pollution was the era of the world and Shiva Shankar put an end to it, hence Shankar Bholenath was revered as Mahakal. Therefore, after killing the evil corruption, Ujjain has also been called Mahakalapuram in the old literature due to the period of the great times of Lord Shiva called Mahakaal. There is a famous saying in Ujjain, “Premature death is the one that works for Chandal, how can Kaal spoil anyone who is a devotee of Mahakal”

A bath with ash: a very deep secret…
In the Puranas, the Saptanagari, which gives salvation, which relieves the cycle of life and death, is mentioned and Ujjain is also a name in those seven cities. On the other hand, there is a dimension of Mahadev called Mahakal, which leads to liberation. There are also Kalabhairava and Garhkalika in Ujjain, in which the mention of Kaal comes and Kaal i.e. time, who is also the lord of that time is Mahakal.

In Ujjain, there is also a special worship of Mahakala who takes a bath in ash. Addev Shankar likes to devour Bhasma Ramana, the secret behind it is also very deep. On one hand, if Shiva is the lord of time in Mahakal form, then in the form of Kaal Bhairava, he is the destroyer of time. Aspas of all this is hidden the secret in which it is revealed that why Mahadev likes ashes or ashes, why bathing Bhasma or tilak of Bhasma is used in his worship. Such worship of Mahakal is not seen anywhere else. What is the relationship between Bhasma and Mahadev? Although this mystery is still a mystery, but some theories have been given about the incineration.

Devotees symbolize Shiva’s love for Sati
Ujjain city is considered as the source of inspiration for all religions of Hinduism. One of those sects, which passed through Machhendra Nath and Gorakhnath, emerged as Navnath. Sadhus of this sect are also often found devoured. Shiva’s favorite Bhasma is prasadam for sage ascetics and they are found to be incinerated in Dhuna from their jatas to whole body.

: There is also an assumption about Shiva that the father of Sati, the first wife of Lord Shankar, insulted Lord Shankar due to which Sati jumped into the Havanakund of Yagya, which made Shiva angry. Shiva began to roam the entire universe carrying Sati’s dead body. It seemed that the existence of the universe was in danger due to Shiva’s anger. Then Sri Hari Vishnu converted Sati into bhasma to pacify Shiva and Shiva rubbed that ash on his body to take his wife with him forever.

Apart from this, there is also a different belief about Mahadev’s first wife Sati. According to which Shri Hari Vishnu did not convert the body of Goddess Sati into ashes, but disintegrated it. It is said that their limbs fell at 51 places on earth, Shaktipeeths were established at these places. One of which is also in Shaktipeeth Ujjain. Which is known as the temple of Harisiddhi Mata in the present period.

Make up of Bhasma: From attachment to disillusionment…
According to one belief, Shiva rubs the ashes of the pyre on his body and gives the message that everything is to become ashes in the end, in such a situation, do not fall under the influence of worldly things and become like Bhasma to God. Please dedicate.

Bhasma is also a symbol of demolition. Because if Brahma is the creator of the universe and the follower of Vishnu then Mahesh is considered the destroyer of the universe. According to belief, when the negativity in the world increases a lot, then Shiva comes as a destroyer and destroys everything. Apart from this, another belief is that Bhasma is a symbol of the destruction that Shiva reminds everyone to do good deeds otherwise in the end they will all ashes.

This relation of Shiva with Bhasma is only in beliefs, because its mystery is still intact, although Mahakal considers Ujjain as the king of the city, and there is a secret about it that people of Avantika feel even today.

The only king of Ujjain: Mahakal…
Vikram- In the prevailing legend of Betal and the throne Battisi, this city has included many such mysteries associated with King Vikramaditya of Ujjain. Since King Vikramaditya is said to have relinquished his throne studded with 32 speaking effigies, no king can stay here at night since his rule.

There is only one king of Ujjain and that is the period of times. According to the legend of mythological and throne Battisi, no king stops here from the time of King Bhoja. Even today, neither CM, PM, President or any public representative can stop here at night.

It is said that Morarji Desai, the fourth Prime Minister of the country, stayed in Ujjain for one night, the next day his government fell. Chief Minister Yeddyurappa stayed one night in Ujjain in Karnataka and Yeddyurappa had to resign 20 days later.

No one knows the secret of this belief, but such incidents compel the people associated with politics and the royal family not to stop at night in the city limits of Mahakal.

Mahakal avoids indefinite death
Many people also visit Baba so that the forest avoids his uncertain death, and attains salvation. The prayer sought from the right heart never leaves empty. Every wish is fulfilled by coming here. People from foreign countries also come to visit Baba. Many scholars say that Mahakal maintains the world from Ujjain.

Worshiping Lord Mahakal with true mind gives freedom from all troubles. According to Hinduism, Lord Shankar is considered to be the god of death, so he is a self-realizing God and not an incarnation, due to the time of times. It is called Mahakal which has neither beginning nor end.

Mahakal has been considered as the suzerain of Kaal and especially by worshiping Lord Shankar, the fear of death is removed and if Lord Shankar is worshiped with a sincere heart, then after death, the torture given by Yamraj is also liberated. .

Mahakal Stotram: It is a blessing of Shiva that brings success in every situation….
Very few know about Mahakal Stotram, which Lord Shiva himself told Bhairavi. In this stotra, various forms of Lord Shiva have been praised. According to religious texts, this hymn is nothing less than a boon for the devotees of Lord Shiva.

Chanting this stotra just once daily can infuse new energy and power within the devotee. Chanting this hymn can take you very close to success.

Mahakal Stotram –

ॐ Mahakal Mahakaya Mahakal Jagatpat.
Mahakala Mahayogin Mahakala Namostutte.
Mahakal Mahadev Mahakal Maha Prabhu.
Mahakala Mahaudra Mahakala Namostutte.

‘Many of the ancient Wangmaye are supplied with the great glory of Mahakal because they are the first preachers and the founder of the period, time limit, time division etc.

Avantika Vihitaavataran
Mukti pradanaya cha sajjananam
Akalamatos: for preservation
Vande Mahakal Mahasuresham 4

‘That is, those who have incarnated to provide salvation to the saints in Avantika Nagari (Ujjain), I worship, pray, worship and worship the well-known Lord Ashutosh Shankar in the name of’ Mahakal ‘to avoid premature death.

At the same time, the story of Kalabhairav ​​temple present here is very interesting. According to the Skanda Purana, when Brahma, the creator of the four Vedas, decided to compose the fifth Veda, the troubled deity went to Mahadev’s shelter to stop him. He believed that the creation of the fifth Veda is not good for creation, but Brahma Ji did not listen to Mahadev either.

It is said that Shiva became angry on this matter. Anger caused a flame to appear from his third eye. This Jyoti took the form of Kalabhairava, and separated the fifth head of Brahma from the torso. Kalabhairava removed Brahmaji’s pride but he was accused of Brahmana. To get rid of this defect, Bhairava wandered from rate to rate but he did not get liberation. Then he worshiped his adorable Shiva. Shiva asked him to bathe in the Shipra river and do penance. On doing this, Kalabhairava got rid of the blame and he sat in Ujjain forever.

By the way, when you set foot in this temple of Kaal Bhairav, a strange peace of mind is realized, it seems as if all the sorrows have gone away, but Kalabhairava is known to overcome the obstacles of the planets. Especially in a horoscope, a person suffering from Rahu is trapped in a web of thoughts. If he comes to this temple and offers worship to God, then he gets freedom from all the sufferings. Just like Kalabhairava got worshiped by Shiva.

How to reach here: –
The nearest airport to reach Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh) is Indore, which is fifty five kilometers from Ujjain. Indore also has a railway station which is directly connected to important places like Delhi, Mumbai, Banaras, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Bilaspur and Jaipur. Ujjain can easily be reached from Indore by bus or train.