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The fear of these temples of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu is in the dynasties

No head of any dynasty stops at night in this city of the country! …
So no member of the royal family goes to visit this temple in this other country due to fear…

Well, in Sanatan religion, the king is considered to be the image of Lord Vishnu, but do you know that there are some temples in the world where the head of any dynasty or some member of the dynasty does not stay in the night or in the day. Darshan does not even go. Whereas, there is no problem for the common people to come to these temples or stay in that city.

You may have heard about the wonders of many temples, but in such a situation, we are going to tell you about two such temples, which the dynasty always keep alert. In which there is a city in India, about which it is said that no king stops here at night due to a temple here. At the same time, another temple is also present in the neighborhood of our country.

Mysteries temple where the royal family is afraid to stay and visit

Temple 1: Mahakaleshwar, Ujjain
Actually, if we talk about our own country, since ancient times, Mahakaleshwar temple of Ujjain has been recognized that if a king used to spend the night in Ujjain. So he had to lose his sultanate and even today the people of Ujjain believe that if any king, CM, prime minister or public representative dared to spend the night within the city limits, he would have to bear the penalty of this crime. is.

After all, what secret is attached to the Mahakaleshwar temple in the city of Ujjain, where no human-like king can spend the night. Come, know that secret of Mahakaleshwar temple of Ujjain!

Special mystery related to the temple
According to mythology and Singhasan Battisi, no king has stayed overnight in Ujjain since the time of Raja Bhoj. Because even today Baba Mahakal is the king of Ujjain.

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While sitting in Ujjain of Mahakal, no other king can stay at night inside the city of Ujjain. If any king or minister tries to spend the night here, he has to face the punishment. Many vivid examples are present in the history of Ujjain justifying this notion. Which are as follows…

: Morarji Desai, the fourth Prime Minister of the country, stayed one night in Ujjain after a visit to the Mahakaleshwar temple. So Morarji Desai’s government collapsed the very next day.

: After one night stay in Ujjain, Karnataka CM YS Yeddyurappa had to resign within 20 days.

: The current Rajya Sabha MP Jyotiraditya Scindia also does not stay overnight in Ujjain city.

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According to legend, since King Vikramaditya, no human king of Ujjain has ever spent a night in the city and those who did so were not alive to say apabati.

At the same time, there is such a temple in a country in our neighborhood, whose people of the royal family of that country do not even visit. It is said that one of the famous temples of Nepal is such that there is a place where ordinary citizens can go, but the people of Nepal royal family can not go for darshan… Its secret is something like this…

Mysteries temple of lord shiv and vishnu where the royal family is afraid to stay and visit

Temple 2: Budanikantha Temple, Nepal …

On the other hand, the temple of Nepal, which we are talking about, is situated at the foot of Shivpuri hill, 8 km from Kathmandu. This is the temple of Vishnu God. The name of the temple is Budanikantha. There is a legend about the temple that this temple is cursed by the people of Raj family. People of Raj family do not visit this temple due to fear of curse.

It is said that the royal family here had a curse. According to this, if any member of the Raj family visits the idol installed in the temple, he will die. Due to this curse, people of the royal family do not worship the idol installed in the temple.

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Due to the curse on the Raj family, no member of the Raj family visits the Budanikantha temple. But a replica of the statue of Lord Vishnu installed in the temple was prepared. This replication was prepared only for the people of Raj family to worship this idol.

In Budanikantha, Srihari sits in a spiral cusp of 11 snakes above a natural water spring. The story goes that this idol was found while working by a farmer. The idol is 5 meters in length. The pond where the idol is installed has a length of 13 meters. The statue has Vishnu’s feet placed on top of each other. At the same time, 11 heads of serpents are situated as the parasol of Lord Vishnu.

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According to the legend, when the sea was churned at the time of churning, Shivaji took it in his throat to save the world from destruction. This made his throat blue. When this jealousy started burning in the throat of Shivji, he entered the boundary of the north. In order to build a lake in the same direction, a lake with a trident struck a mountain.

It is believed that he quenched thirst with the water of this lake. In Kali Yuga, the lake of Nepal is known as Gosaikund. It is said that the water of the Budanikantha temple originated from this Gosai Kund. It is believed that during the annual body festival in the month of August in the temple, it is also possible to see the image of Shivaji under this lake.

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