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aghan month tradition, we should offer water to lord sun, surya puja, worship to sun, margshirsh month significance | अगहन मास में सुबह जल्दी उठें और सूर्य को अर्घ्य चढ़ाएं, इससे स्वास्थ्य के साथ ही धर्म लाभ भी मिलेगा

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  • Aghan Month Tradition, We Should Offer Water To Lord Sun, Surya Puja, Worship To Sun, Margshirsh Month Significance

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One month ago

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  • Vitamin D is provided by morning sunlight and body heat remains

Right now the month of Aghan is going on. This is also called Margashirsha month. In all 12 months, this month is considered to be the form of Shri Krishna. In this month, getting up early in the morning to bathe the river and perform charity is of special importance.

According to Pt. Manish Sharma, Jyotishacharya of Ujjain, winter is going on. In this season, the body gets health benefits from nature by getting up early in the morning. Laziness is overcome. After bathing in the morning, water should be offered to the sun.

Fill water in a copper lotus and offer water to the sun while chanting the mantra: Om Surya Nam. Sunlight must sit for some time. This gives us vitamin D and the body heat remains to fight cold.

After Surya Pooja, water should also be offered on a Shivling in a temple or in your home. Offer worship material to Shivji in Bilva Patra, Dhatura, Flowers, Rice etc. and chant the ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ mantra. Offer sweets to God. Also, perform aarti by lighting incense and lamps.

If you wish, you can recite Hanuman Chalisa by lighting a lamp in front of Hanumanji. Om Ramdutayaya Namah: One can chant at least 108 mantras.

Offer lord Ganesha to the lamp and light the lamp. Chant Shri Ganeshaya Nam: Mantra. Offer Laddu.

Donate blankets, woolen clothes to needy people on cold days now. Donate money and food grains. Donate grass and money to a cowshed.

Now include such things in food which increases the body’s immunity. Eat seasonal fruits. Eat coarse grains. Drink turmeric milk. Eat jaggery. Keeping these things in mind, along with the benefits of religion in Aghan month, you can get health benefits as well.