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bharthari quotes in hindi, life management quotes, quotes to share, bharthari story and nities | अच्छे मित्र के गुण- दोस्त को पाप करने से बचाएं, उसकी बातें गुप्त रखें और गुणों को प्रकट करें, बुरे समय में साथ न छोड़ें

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One month ago

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  • Before Vikramaditya, Bhartrihari was the king of Ujjain, Bhartrihari composed the policy

In the old times, the emperor of Ujjain was Vikramaditya. Vikram Samvat is known by the name of Vikramaditya. This year Vikram Samvat 2077 is going on. Before Vikramaditya, Bhartrihari was the king of Ujjain. It is believed that Bhartrihari’s wife Pingala betrayed him. Because of this, he left the royalty and took retirement. After this Vikramaditya was appointed king.

Bhartrihari wrote three important texts named Niti Shatakam, Vairagya Shatakam, Shringarashatak. The sources of life management are described in the Niti Centam. Know some special policies of the policy century, which can be eliminated by adopting many of our problems…