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Bihar man Suicide Over Not Pay Loan EMI In Banka | लॉकडाउन में पति की नौकरी छूटी तो पत्नी ने कर्ज लेकर घर संभाला, लोन नहीं चुका पाया तो जहर खाकर दे दी जान

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  • Wife took loan to open business from 3 SHG
  • The couple often had a fight to repay the loan

When a young man could not repay the loan in Banka, he died after consuming poison. The wife left the job in lockdown and joined the SHG to take over the house. Started my business by taking loans from 3 different SHGs. Now when the time came to repay the loan, there was pressure on the husband. Quarrels often broke out between husband and wife over this matter. There was a fight between the two on Friday night as well, after which he finished the ihilila by consuming poison. The deceased has been identified as Bachchan Kumar (28 years), son of Bindeshwari Banja, resident of Dudhari village.
Lockdown snatched the job
Bachchan Kumar used to work in Rajkot’s leth. The lockdown missed the job, after which he moved to his village Dudhri. While living in the village, he started working as a laborer. Sometimes he used to get work and sometimes he was sitting at home. Due to this, the financial condition of the house did not improve. Wife Sunita Devi took loan from 3 different SHGs to improve the condition of the house. The situation improved but the pressure to repay the loan came to a head. Sunita started pressuring Bachchan about this. Both of them started fighting everyday to repay the loan.

Died by eating poison

There was a fight on Friday night as well. Bachchan Kumar, stressed by the quarrel, ate the poison. There was chaos in the family after eating poison. The neighboring neighbors took him to Banka Hospital. Seeing the critical condition, the doctors referred him to Mayaganj Hospital. He died during treatment. Bachchan and Sunita have three children. Vivek (6 years), Yash (3 years) and Sneha (two-and-a-half years) have a bad health.