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One month ago

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  • Gautama Buddha wanted to go to a woman’s house to dine, but the people of the village were preventing Buddha from going there

Goodness in society can only increase when we leave our evils ourselves. If we improve, the society will also be better. Any improvement must begin on its own. In this connection, a passage related to Gautama Buddha is prevalent. Know this story …

According to the prevailing context, Buddha once stayed in a village. The people of the village were reaching to see him and listen to the sermons. In a few days, many people started coming to listen to Buddha’s sermons. One day a woman approached Buddha. He asked the Buddha that you look like a prince, why have you taken sannyas in your youth?

Buddha said, ‘I want to know the answers to three questions. This body of ours is still young and attractive, but it will be old, then ill and will eventually die. I had to know the causes of old age, sickness and death. That is why I have taken retirement.

The woman was very impressed to hear these things of Buddha. He invited Buddha to his home for food. When the people of this village came to know about this, everyone told the Buddha not to go to the woman’s house, because her character is not good.

Buddha asked the sarpanch of the village whether the people of the village were speaking correctly.

The sarpanch also agreed with the villagers. Then the Buddha, holding one hand of the sarpanch, said that now show off clapping. The sarpanch said that this is not possible, one cannot clap with one hand.

The Buddha said, ‘All right. Similarly, no woman can be characterless alone. If the men of this village are not characterless then that woman is also not characterless. ‘

Hearing this, all the men of the village were embarrassed. Buddha said that if we want to create a good society, then we must first improve ourselves. If we improve then society will also change. It is better to blame others for the evil of society, we ourselves should avoid evils.